My questions for Evan McMullin (part 2)


In part 1, I explained why I’ve decided to support Evan McMullin for president.  I gave you some background on my own political beliefs, and why I believe many conservatives have rejected Trump and are eager to support a true conservative like Evan.  So now that you know that, here are the questions I sent to his team, which I hope he’ll have a chance to answer:   (Note-  I grouped them into categories so they’re easier to follow)

I’ve also linked to all of the diaries I’ve written on various topics that come up with these questions, in case anyone needs more information on those particular topics.


Politics-   Do you believe we should have term limits for Congress?  For the Supreme Court?

Who’s your favorite member of Congress?

What would your priorities be in the first 100 days of your presidency?

How would you describe your campaign?  Do you believe it’s been successful so far?  How does it measure up to Trump’s campaign?  Hillary’s?

What would you say to my fellow conservatives who say we need Trump to lose in a landslide, and thus must vote strategically for Hillary?

Do you believe conservatives should try to rebuild the GOP, or should we try to start a new conservative party?

It’s clear the GOP has done a terrible job reaching out to minorities and young people, and that if we ever wanna win the presidency again, we’ll have to improve in these areas.  What do you think we need to do to attract new voters to the conservative movement and build a winning coalition for 2020?

Why do you believe Obama has been a failure as a president?  What was his biggest failure?

Who would be worse for the conservative and pro-life movements as president, Trump or Hillary, and why?

If Hillary is elected, what do you think the chances are that a conservative wins in 2020?

Say one nice thing about Trump.  🙂

How much do tone and presentation matter for a presidential candidate when he or she is trying to earn the votes of the American people?

Should the Supreme Court have less influence and power?  Would traits would you look for when nominating justices to the Supreme Court?

What did you like about George W. Bush?  What were his greatest achievements on both foreign and domestic policy?  His greatest failures?

Do you believe Trump will set the pro-life movement back as president?  Has he already done so?

Will the country be able to recover from a Hillary Clinton presidency?  Or should we all invest in gold, build bomb shelters, and prepare for a New World Order and the rule of our Illuminati overlords?

Do you think Trump will accept the results of the election on election night?

Do you have concerns that there will be widespread violence from Trump’s supporters after the election?

How big of a role should social issues like abortion, gay marriage, and others play in national elections?  How can conservatives persuade others that we’re right on these issues without turning people away from our movement?

There seems to be a great divide (which Trump exposed) in the conservative movement between intellectual, Constitutional conservatives and what I like to call cultural conservatives.  Do you agree with this assessment, and if so, how do you propose we bridge this divide so that we can unite all the factions in the base and win in 2020?

Have Republicans in Congress done enough to oppose Obama?  Liberals say they’ve been nothing but obstructionists, while many conservatives say they’ve rolled over and haven’t done enough.  Where do you stand on this question?

What would you say to the Republicans who have endorsed Trump like Rubio and Cruz?  Their supporters say they can’t take back their endorsement that would almost guarantee that they lose their seats, and we can’t allow the Democrats to control Congress, so they’re doing the right thing.  How would you respond to this argument?

How do we reach out to young people and convince them that conservative values and principles will improve their lives, and are better for the country?

How should conservatives handle a media who are clearly on the side of the Democrats?  In the past, our nominees were criticized, often rightly so, for being weak and gaffe-prone when dealing with a hostile media (Candy Crowley vs Mitt Romney comes to mind).  But Trump’s bull in the China shop approach clearly isn’t working either.  Is there a middle ground?  Is it still possible to be happy warriors, as Reagan was?

Do we need new leadership in the GOP and in the conservative movement at large?  Should Reince resign his post?  (hint-  the correct answer to the latter question is yes)

Are there too many low-info voters in the country?  If so, why do you believe this is the case?  How do we ensure that we have a more well-informed citizenry going forward?

What are Hillary’s biggest failures as Secretary of State?

Are there any countries where our relations with them are better off than they were four years ago?

How would your foreign policy be better than Hillary’s?  How would your domestic policies be better than hers?

As president, how would you handle the vast bureaucracy that we’re currently dealing with?  Would you cut it down to size, and by how much?

How do you view the military?  How would you decide whether or not to get involved in a conflict between two countries, or whether or not to go to war?

How much would you cut spending?  Which areas of gov’t would you cut, and by how much specifically?

As president, would you order your DOJ to start an investigation into Hillary’s use of her server and into the Clinton Foundation?  Should she be prosecuted?

What steps can we take to rebuild the conservative movement and make sure a conservative wins in 2020?

Are we no longer a center-right country?  Are we now center-left?


Foreign Policy:    Which countries do we need to improve relations with the most?  Which are the most dangerous and threaten our national security the most going forward?

What is your plan to defeat radical Islam?  What is the current administration doing wrong?  What’s the most important factor in this war?

How would you describe your foreign policy?  Interventionist?  Isolationist?  Somewhere in between?

How would you handle Putin as president?  How big of a deal is Trump’s coziness with him, and his financial ties to Russia?

In my opinion, the biggest story that’s not getting nearly enough attention from the media in this election cycle is Russia’s cyber attacks on our country, not just on the DNC, but on our voting systems and on our democracy itself.  How big of a problem do you think this is?  Should the current administration be doing more to prevent such attacks and fight back against Russia now?  If so, what?


Domestic Policy-    Clearly, our education system is failing our youth.  What reforms/changes do you propose to fix it?

How important is free trade to our economy?  Do you believe our trade deals have been a net plus over the years, and would you make any changes to them?

What do you envision the economy looking like in ten years?  In twenty?  How do we transition from the older manufacturing jobs to a more automated workforce without leaving all those blue collar workers behind?

How do we prevent large companies from continuing to outsource jobs to countries like China, the Philippines, and elsewhere, where labor is cheaper?

Do you believe Roe v. Wade will be overturned in our lifetimes?  What’s the most important policy or method pro-lifers can use to reduce the number of abortions in America and advance the pro-life agenda?

Do you believe pro-lifers can trust Trump on the issue of life?

Would you get rid of all subsidies and bailouts to large corporations and industries as president, including farm subsidies?

Do you believe we’ll go bankrupt as a country if we don’t reform entitlements soon?  If so, how soon?

How would you be better than Trump or Hillary on the economy?

How would you reform our broken healthcare system?  Do you believe there’s a role for alternative medicine in our system?

What is your energy policy?  Nuclear?  Clean coal?  Investing in research for nuclear fusion?  Drill baby drill?  All of the above?

Do you believe drug addiction is an epidemic in America?  If so, how can we reverse it?

What are the most important/effective policies we can implement to improve the lives of black people?


Culture:  What steps do conservatives need to take to begin to win back the culture in America?  Is this even possible, or are we too far gone?

What are the biggest differences in the country and in our culture when comparing the America you grew up in to modern day America?

How do you think we can begin to heal the racial divisions in this country?

Have we become too politically correct as a society?  How do we strike the balance between not caving to the pc police, but also not being crass, rude, and generally moral reprobates, like Trump is?

Do you believe feminism has damaged the moral and social fabric of this country?  Has it damaged relationships and the traditional family?

Do you believe men are under attack, as some have suggested?

Would you describe yourself as a traditionalist?


Personal-    What’s one thing people should know about you that will give them insight into your character?

What are some examples of how your temperament has helped you solve problems and overcome a crisis?

What are some of examples of when you’ve done the right thing, even when it came at great cost to you or a loved one, or when you received nothing in return for doing it?

What has your experience as a volunteer for refugee resettlement for the UN taught you?  Did it change your views on our problems in the Middle East?

How did your job as policy director for the House Republican Conference help you become more informed on policies on a wide range of topics?

Was it helpful in preparing you for this campaign?  If so, how?

Did your experience as a Mormon missionary in Brazil change or influence you?  If so, how?

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person?

What are you grateful for in your life, both now and in the past?

What can you tell us about your time as an operative in the CIA?  (I know you can’t reveal sources and methods)    Did it change your perspective on how we deal with other countries both diplomatically and military?  Did you gain leadership experience in that role?  How did it prepare you for the presidency?

What were the most important lessons your parents taught you growing up?


Faith:   Should candidates try to separate their faith from their political views and positions?  If not, how do you personally integrate your faith into your political career without letting your political ambitions compromise your faith?

How much should faith, character, and past personal experiences and decisions matter when deciding which candidate to support?

How involved in politics should pastors and people of faith be?  Should they advocate for certain issues and candidates, or simply stay in the sphere of faith and morals and leave the dirty business of politics to politicians?

In your view, what is the current state of faith and Christianity in America?  Do you see it improving or getting worse in the future?


Miscellaneous-    Who’s your favorite president?  Least favorite?

What is your leadership style?  As president, how would you work with Congress and members of both parties to get things done?  What president(s) would you model your presidency after, if any?

What current and/or historical figures have been your biggest sources of inspiration?

What books, magazines, websites, and tv shows do you use to inform your opinions?   (Please have an answer, I’m having a Sarah Palin/Katie Couric flashback)

What do you like to do in your spare time?  (before running for president)

What are your top three favorite movies?

What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Did you play sports growing up?  What’s your favorite?

When hiring staff and advisers, what are the qualifications and traits you look for?

What do you believe is the biggest problem our country currently faces?



Those are all the questions I could come up with.  If you answer any of them, I will be grateful, and I’m sure many of my fellow conservatives are eager to hear your responses.