Heidi Cruz for President

It feels like an eternity since Senator Cruz was in the race for president and dropped out, and even longer since we’ve seen or heard anything from his wife Heidi.  When I first did research on Heidi I was very impressed not just by her resume, but by her life and her character.  She came from a great family of missionaries who exposed her to the suffering of people in other parts of the world, and taught her the value of hard work.  Her parents raised her with a Christian foundation, and it’s clear that foundation has remained solid underneath her since then.

I decided to write a diary about her, comparing her to Trump, even though she wasn’t the one running for president, because it became clear to me she actually was more qualified to be president than he was, and was light years ahead of him when it comes to character, temperament, and knowledge.

But I never finished the diary because by the time I go through most of it, Senator Cruz had already been beaten by Trump in Indiana and dropped out, so my thoughts on Heidi became irrelevant to some degree.  So I forgot about it . . . til now.

After Melania Trump’s speech last night and the subsequent discovery that her speechwriters plagiarized Michelle Obama’s speech from 2008, suddenly the character of Heidi Cruz popped back up in my mind.


Now some “feminists” may say it’s wrong for me to compare two women in any way-  this is criticism I’ve gotten before.  Of course that’s nonsense, I compare women to each other when I feel it’s appropriate just like I compare men to each other, to draw contrasts and highlight the strengths of some people and the flaws and bad habits of others.

It turns out Melania lied about writing the speech.  Before she gave it, she was asked by Matt Lauer about it and told him she wrote it “with as little help as possible”.    But after the speech, Trump’s campaign put out a statement saying she had a team of speechwriters who wrote the speech for her.  I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that Melania was willing to lie given that she married a pathological liar who lies as much as the average person tells the truth.


Even if we gave her the benefit of the doubt about writing the speech or not, she should still be held accountable for allowing her speechwriters to steal paragraphs from Michelle Obama’s speech and either not bothering to check where they got those lines from, or knowing where it was taken from and being ok with not attributing the lines to their original source.


The bottom line is that Melania was willing to plagiarize and lie in order to portray her husband in the most positive light possible.  This is just wrong, and it’s something that never even would’ve crossed the mind of Heidi Cruz.

I often hear Trump supporters say, “Sure, Trump isn’t the nicest guy, but just look at his wife and kids!  He can’t be that bad if they’re so nice.”   I beg to differ.  There’s plenty of evidence that his kids aren’t good people either, but that’s a separate subject.  Based on what I’ve read, I don’t believe Melania is a good person, period.

Some might defend her by saying she married The Donald because she was desperate to leave her country or she really needed the kind of money he had, but in fact that’s simply not true, as this profile of her makes clear.  Melania was already succeeding in the modeling business and could’ve made a great life for herself very easily without being married to Donald.  Furthermore, she could’ve had pretty much any guy in the world she wanted, and there are binders full of men out there who are better than Trump in every way imaginable.


I think it’s simple really.  One can’t be a decent person and choose to marry a person as bad as Donald Trump.  Especially if you were well aware of how horribly he treated all people, especially women, and how he already had cheated on his previous wives, which Melania was.

This reality becomes even more obvious when you contrast her with Heidi Cruz.  This matters because the First Lady has a huge platform and can act as a role model to young women all over the country, and represent the values and beliefs that they can and should aspire to.

So the following are the thoughts I had back when Ted was running on why Heidi Cruz would’ve made a great first lady, and actually would’ve been a better president than Trump himself if given the chance:





Heidi Cruz is literally more qualified to be president than Trump.  I’m not kidding.  If she was running for president against Trump, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for her.

There are many qualities, talents, and experiences Heidi has that even many politicians don’t have.  She has foreign policy experience, she’s worked in business and finance, understand economics, and has helped her husband run one of the most successful presidential campaigns in history.

Trump can’t say any of those things about himself.


Heidi Cruz isn’t just an amazingly talented, experienced, and successful woman.  Much more importantly, she’s a kind, generous, humble, and good person.

These days, it just seems like there aren’t that many good and decent people left in this country, and especially in politics.  So many people live selfish lives, consumed with greed, lust, anger, and the pursuit of pleasure, and hardly give a second thought to the needs of others, much less sacrifice for them.

Heidi Cruz made huge sacrifices for her husband, to the point where she became really depressed.  She put her ambitions and her career second and put Ted first.

She would’ve been a great representative of the Christian faith as First Lady, and honestly I believe she would’ve been the greatest first lady in US history, even greater than Nancy Reagan.




In my humble opinion, Heidi Cruz is the most interesting, talented, and intelligent wife of a politician I’ve ever seen or even read about.  I guess that shouldn’t surprise me given how brilliant and talented her husband is.

When I watch her in an interview, I find myself really drawn in.  She combines many qualities that are rarely found together in the same person:  she’s both down to Earth and simultaneously she’s highly intelligent and knowledgeable about the world and many issues.

She’s very energetic and passionate, yet calm.  She’s also clearly a very thoughtful person.

She’s a strong and independent woman in her own right, yet she’s been willing to sacrifice her time, energy, and even her career in order to support her husband, and she did it joyfully, not begrudgingly.


Most importantly to me, she’s obviously a woman of strong faith, and appears to be deeply spiritual.  I’ve heard her talk several times about how she struggled to figure out what her purpose was in this life, and that at one point in her life she realized it was to do God’s will, whatever that might be, which meant living for her family, for others, and for God rather than for herself and simply pursuing her own goals and dreams.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman in politics or in the public spotlight like her.  She not only puts others first, she does so eagerly and with a joy and passion that many people don’t even have for their own careers and goals.

Her values, faith, kindness, and humility are contagious, and she’s the same woman behind the scenes as she is in front of the cameras, as a Cruz campaign volunteer attested to.  She’s a great example for all Christians, but especially young women who need a strong woman in the political arena to look up to. This is one reason why I’m hoping and praying Sen. Cruz becomes president, because Heidi Cruz would bring all of these great qualities to the White House, and she’d be a great representative of the values and principles that made this nation great.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:   You just don’t see women like Heidi Cruz in this country anymore.  She represents all of the Christian values and traditions we’ve lost in many areas all over this country.  As First Lady she’d be a powerful reminder of the kind of people we used to raise in this country, of what we once were, and of what we could become again if we restore those values and principles.

Donald Trump has said his wife Melania would be the greatest First Lady ever.  I beg to differ.  I have nothing against her, but if I have to choose between her and Heidi Cruz, it’s not even a close call.

I don’t know what kind of person Melania is, but honestly I don’t see how she can be a good person considering the fact that she married one of the most dishonest, arrogant, selfish, and narcissistic people on the planet.

Someone who has strong values and follows what the Bible teaches just doesn’t marry that kind of person, especially when she knew what kind of person he was going into the relationship.  It wasn’t a secret that he was a serial philanderer and an all-around jerk.

Furthermore,  call me a prude, but I think women should try to set a good example for girls, and posing nude just to make some money or be famous, as Melania did, sends exactly the wrong signal to young women, that they should be valued only for their body or their looks, and not for what’s on the inside.



So you can see from my writing back then what I thought of both Heidi and Melania, and all the words and actions they’ve exhibited since then have only reinforced my opinions about both of them.

Ted and Heidi Cruz are the couple we could’ve had if we valued people of faith and the character that we used to cherish in this country.  Donald and Melania Trump are the couple we collectively voted for instead, and in the end, this was fitting, because they’re the couple the Republican party, and indeed most of the country, deserves.