Will Drudge use his website to attack Cruz in the general election if he ends up being our nominee?


I think it’s clear by now that Drudge hates Sen. Cruz since he sees him as the one obstacle to a Trump nomination.

I believe Drudge is a white nationalist (bffs with Ann Coulter, often runs stories portraying black people in a negative light, supports Trump, etc), and Trump is the candidate he’s been waiting for all of his life, in fact he’s a candidate Drudge didn’t even think could be possible in our age of political correctness. It’s like a dream come true for him and his fellow white nationalists.

At some point he probably became convinced that Trump would run away with this and become the nominee, only to see Cruz get in his way and start winning states and delegates. I think Drudge really feels that the nomination is being stolen from Trump, and he’s gonna do everything in his power to try to prevent that from happening.
So expect to see more headlines like the one he had today about people “complaining” about CO not having a primary, when that rule went into effect 6 months ago.

I think Drudge is gonna go full kitchen sink against Cruz in the coming months, including running lies and false stories against him, as he’s already done.

But the question I have is, what will Drudge do if Cruz is the nominee? It’s clear Drudge hates Hillary, heck, he was the one who broke the Lewinsky scandal on her husband in the 90s.

But he has a dilemma now, because it’s also clear that he hates Cruz. He views him as an elite globalist who doesn’t stick up for or care about white people.

So will he use his website to attack him in the general against Hillary? Will he develop a scorched earth policy and try to tear them both down? He must know that any attack on Cruz would be helping Hillary.

But at the same time, I have a hard time seeing him doing anything to help Cruz, considering how much he hates him, and will hate him for taking out Trump.

I’m genuinely curious about what he’ll do at that time. He still has a lot of influence, and he could tip the scales in one direction or another depending on who he chooses to support, or to attack. I just hope he has enough sense to realize that Cruz isn’t the enemy, Hillary is, and all of our energy and time should be spent attacking her.

This election will prove whether Drudge really is a patriot, or just another angry white nationalist with an axe to grind who wants to burn the entire country to the ground in order to prove a point.