It's time to use Mediscare against Donald Trump

Democrats have long used the subject of Medicare as a political hammer against Republicans, often successfully.  They simply claim that any Republican who wants to reform Medicare and Social Security and make those programs fiscally solvent has a death wish for senior citizens and wants to take away all of their benefits.

Of course nothing is further from the truth.  Conservatives have always said they won’t change anything for the people currently receiving those benefits, and that they simply intend on reforming entitlement programs for the next generation.

But the truth never mattered to Democrats, so they try to scare seniors into thinking the big bad Republicans are coming to take away their healthcare and SS benefits, and that’s why they should vote Democrat, regardless of who the candidates are.

Ironically enough, we have a candidate in the GOP primary race who shares the Democrats’ position on this issue, and he happens to be the frontrunner.

Donald Trump has said he won’t touch our entitlement programs or reform them at all, even though all economists will tell you if they aren’t reformed soon, they’re on the path to being fiscally insolvent.  If that happens, we’ll go bankrupt as a nation, it’s that simple.

Trump’s answer when questioned about this is that he’ll make us so rich we’ll be able to spend tons of money on everything he wants and still afford to keep the current programs as they are.  Of course nobody who’s studied this issue even a little believes this because it’s total nonsense.  But for unexplained reasons, his political opponents simply haven’t called him out on this issue.

Sen. Cruz needs to start hammering him on this.  Here’s how I think he should do it:

Start running ads on this topic, but instead of ads where we see Paul Ryan pushing granny off a cliff, we’ll see ads with Trump pushing a kid off the cliff.  Then, an ominous voice says:

“This is what will happen to your kids and grandkids if Donald Trump is elected president, because he has no plan to balance our budget and get us out of debt.  He’ll make our country go bankrupt just like he made his own company go bankrupt four times.  Without reforming our entitlement programs, we’ll go bankrupt as a nation, this is common knowledge.  Trump has said he won’t reform them, therefore a vote for Trump is a vote for the destruction of our kids’ future.  Vote for Sen. Cruz, a man who has a plan to reform these programs for future generations and provide a better future for our kids and grandkids.”

In his campaign speeches, Sen. Cruz needs to start talking about entitlement reform, and the huge contrast between him and Trump on this issue regularly.

People really need to understand how important this issue is, and that it’s not some theoretical problem waiting for us in the distant future.  It’s a problem that’s looming over us in the near future.

Cruz needs to explain to voters that whatever they’re worried about most, or whatever issue they think is most relevant to them, it won’t matter if we go bankrupt as a nation, which we will if entitlements aren’t reformed.

If you’re tired of China and Japan taking our jobs, as Trump often talks about, or if you want a wall built to stop illegal immigration, we won’t have any money to deal with any of those problems if Trump is elected president because all of the federal government’s budget will be used to pay for the out of control growth of our current entitlement programs.

So all of the promises Trump is making to you are empty promises.  Ask him what his plan is to fix SS so that people currently on it can continue to receive the benefits they were promised and young people can receive those benefits when they retire.  He won’t have an answer because he doesn’t have a plan.

If you vote for Trump, you’re gambling away your kids’ future on a man who loves to talk about our problems as a nation and loves to point fingers and blame people for those problems, but has no ideas or solutions to actually solve those problems.

Sen. Cruz has specific and concrete plans to deal with all of our problems.  Go to his website if you don’t believe me.  Then go to Trump’s website.  You’ll be able to see the difference almost immediately.

The stakes in this election are too high to gamble on our kids’ future the way people gambled at Trump’s casinos and lost millions.

Sen. Cruz has to make entitlement reform a central issue in this campaign.  He has to show undecided voters that the choice is crystal clear.  On the one hand you have a candidate who will reform these programs and make them fiscally solvent, so we’ll be able to rebuild our military and grow the economy, which will create millions of jobs all over the country.

On the other hand, you have a reality tv star who literally has no plan to do anything about the growth of our entitlement programs, and has even admitted as much.  We know that this will leave us with a massive debt, even greater than the debt we have now, and will eventually bankrupt us, just like Trump bankrupted his companies four times.

It’s time to get serious and leave the reality tv show that is the Trump campaign in the dust.  There’s only one serious candidate for president in this race, and his name is Ted Cruz.  Vote accordingly.