There are a million reasons why I'm a #NeverTrump guy, but this tweet from Trump is all the justification I need

People like Mark Levin, Mike Gallagher, and others have been saying all along that the conservative movement has to put aside our “petty differences” and eventually come together and unite behind whoever the nominee is.

Apparently Levin recently changed his position on that, but many others, Rush being the biggest example, still hold it.

Their main, and really only argument is that no matter how bad Trump is, he can’t be as bad as Hillary, and therefore if he’s the nominee and we don’t vote for him, we’re handing the election to Hillary.

There are two simple points that completely destroy this argument:

1)Every poll shows that it doesn’t matter what the #NeverTrump crowd does, because Trump will lose to Hillary regardless.  Most of the polls have him down double digits, and this is before he’s been hit with the avalanche of dirty laundry the Clinton Machine will air on him.

So not voting for Trump in the general wouldn’t be a vote for Hillary, rather, a vote for Trump in the primary would be a vote for Hillary since Trump can’t beat her in the general.

2)The second point is the one I wanna focus on because it gets to the heart of the matter.  I’m proud to say I was #NeverTrump before it was cool.  In fact I remember writing a diary here on RedState explaining why I could never vote for Trump months ago and got quite a bit of pushback on it.  This was before there were any hashtags or a movement against Trump.

I guess conservatives weren’t so disgusted by his behavior and lack of knowledge and conservatism that they couldn’t rule out voting for him in November.  But I was.

I knew from the start that in good conscience I could never vote for Trump under any circumstances, not just as a matter of principal, but as a litmus test for my own character.

Initially, the hypothetical was often asked:  “We know Trump isn’t conservative and he isn’t particularly competent, but what if his Democrat opponent is the Devil himself, would you still not vote for Trump?”

My reply to that was, “Trump is the closest thing we’re gonna get to the Devil in the form of a presidential candidate in the history of our political system, he’s just hiding his true colors under the guise of a populist Republican.”

Then, the final argument made against my position was, “ok, so Trump is a horrible candidate and would probably be a terrible president, but at least there’s a chance he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, whereas we know Hillary would appoint radical leftists to the court.”

But I never bought that argument either, for a simple reason-  Trump can’t be trusted.

There are a million examples to prove this point, but one needs to look no further than how he treated his own mentor and self-described best friend, Roy Cohn.  An article was recently written about this in Politico and I encourage everyone to read it, it’s really eye-opening.

To make a long story short, basically it shows how Trump became friends with a ruthless and vicious lawyer named Roy Cohn, who just happened to be an aide to the equally ruthless and immoral Sen. Joseph McCarthy.

Cohn had ties to the mafia and to anyone in New York who was willing to bend or break any law to get ahead.  Cohn did that himself many times, eventually being disbarred in disgrace.

Trump was no doubt attracted to Cohn because of these traits, and hired him as his lawyer.  Cohn went on to fight many legal battles for Trump, often losing, but in the process making sure Trump’s reputation never took a hit.

However, Cohn was gay, and notoriously promiscuous.  This led him to contract HIV and eventually die of AIDS.

How did his “best friend” Donald Trump handle this?  He severed all professional ties to him, and didn’t even speak at his funeral.  It was a cold-blooded and heartless slap in the face to a man who spent much of his career defending Donald both in and out of court.  But he learned from the best, because Cohn himself was an advocate for treating people that way his entire life.

So you see, once you get to know the real Trump, it becomes abundantly clear that he only cares about one thing-  Donald Trump.  Everything and everyone else are seen as objects that can be used to help him, and if they can’t, they must either be discarded or destroyed.  He views all people from a purely utilitarian perspective, as all sociopaths do.

How does this apply to the presidential race and his campaign?  It’s simple.  Trump is just using Trumpsters for their votes, he could care less about them and their needs.  If by some miracle he became president, he’d forget all about them and start to do whatever it is benefited him the most or was most likely to make him popular, even if it meant breaking every promise he made on the campaign trail.

If he was willing to stab a dying friend in the back, you think he gives a damn about you, much less will fight for you?  If you read the above story and still believe that, then you’re too far gone to be reached by logic and reason, and deserve a Trump presidency, because that would prove you have no moral compass, just like Trump.


I didn’t need to read this story to believe this about Trump though.  All of his words and actions practically screamed to me that he was this kind of person, and therefore couldn’t be trusted to advance anything for conservatives if he were to be elected president.

But if I needed any more proof, a tweet Trump sent out just last night is all the justification I need to explain why I was #NeverTrump all along.

In the tweet he complains about having to fight for the nomination simply because he’s already leading in the delegate count, and therefore thinks he shouldn’t have to earn the rest of the votes in the remaining states.

This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt several things:

1)He’s a lazy man who hasn’t had to work hard at any point in his life

2)He has an incredibly entitled attitude, which no doubt is a result of never having a boss or being told what to do his entire life and always getting what he wants.

3)He’s not used to adversity or challenges.

In other words, Trump lacks all of the qualities that are necessary for someone to be even a decent president, and has all of the personality traits that would make him the worst president in the history of the country.


To sum up, cause I know logic is hard for Trumpsters to follow:   If Trump doesn’t even wanna fight for your votes in order to win the nomination, logic dictates that of course he also won’t fight for conservative supreme court justices, or any other conservative policy or politician who needs to be defended.

When the going gets tough, and make no mistake, it will when Democrats try to block any Supreme Court justice a President Trump would nominate, Trump won’t spend a penny of political capital on that person.  He’ll do what he loves doing, which is cut a deal with the Democrats, even if it’s a bad deal, like most of his business deals were.


Donald Trump is 69 years old, and in all those years he’s never fought for a single conservative principle, policy, or politician in his entire life.  He’s not about to start now.

But if anyone was still on the fence or had some doubt about that, his latest tweet should knock you off the fence and onto solid ground in the #NeverTrump camp.  For those of us who were in that camp from the beginning, it was just confirmation of what we’ve believed all along, and vindication of our stand not only against an immoral and incompetent sociopath, but for decency, civility, conservative principles, and a qualified candidate for president like Sen. Cruz.

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