More proof that Trump isn't pro-life

This diary goes out to all of my fellow Christian conservatives who, when I wrote that Trump really isn’t pro-life, assured me he was and that we have to take him at his word and can’t judge another man’s heart.

My response to them then is the same thing I’m saying now, which is that we don’t need to judge his heart, all we need to do is judge his words and actions, which will tell us what his beliefs and passions are.

It was obvious back then, but for anyone who was inclined to believe Trump somehow had a late in life conversion to being pro-life, I would urge you to watch his latest comments on the subject.


If there was EVER, EVER any proof that Trump isn’t pro-life, as if we needed any more, this would be it . . . .

He’s practically telling us he’s pro-choice without actually saying it.
He’s literally taking the pro-choice position on abortion here, saying we need to leave the laws on abortion as they are, which means keeping it legal.

This is unreal.  Conservatives don’t need to do any April fools jokes today cause we’ve already been fooled by the biggest Joker of all, Trump.

He’s actually admitting he has no clue what he’s talking about. He says “I’ve been told that my answer was an “older line” that used to be used by conservatives.”

So he admits he gave an answer that he thought conservatives would give but was actually outdated, and then had to be told that was the case.

I know this is Trump we’re talking about here and really nothing surprises me anymore with him, but I gotta say, this blew my mind just because of the sheer stupidity, ignorance, and lack of self-awareness it exhibited.

Watch at the end when he’s asked whether or not abortion is murder.  The look on his face is one of utter and complete fear and cluelessness.  He’s so uncomfortable because he knows he has no answer to that question because he hasn’t given it a second’s worth of thought his entire life until now.

I really believe that moment was the first time in his entire life he took a moment to think about whether or not abortion is murder.  Someone who’s a subject that’s so black and white even a second of thought wouldn’t have to hesitate, they would have an immediate answer, even if it’s one they don’t believe.

If you look close enough you can see the gears working in his mind as he tries to figure out what the best answer would be that won’t dig him an even deeper hole.

He once again proved his stupidity, because the lame answer he came up with did in fact just dig him into a deeper hole.  This is now the third position he’s taken on abortion within the same week, and each one is different than the other.  I’m almost impressed, he did the rare “triple flip-flop”.  I can’t wait to see what position he’ll take on it next.  I’m sure it’ll be different though.
If you’re asked if abortion is murder, and you hesitate, then say “Ummmmm . . . .”,  it doesn’t even matter what comes out of your mouth after that.  You’ve just proven to us that you aren’t pro-life, period, end of debate.

Any true pro-lifer, even one who believes we should have exceptions, believes that abortion is murder.  Logic dictates that you must believe that if you’re pro-life, otherwise there’s no justification for making it illegal because if abortion isn’t murder, then it’s not destroying a human life, and if it’s not destroying a life, then there’s no reason it should be illegal.

He ends up saying, “I don’t disagree that abortion is murder”.

Yea, that really sounds like someone who is “strongly pro-life”.

At this point I really don’t have any words to say about this, except that he’s a moron, and that it’s really sad that a moron is currently the GOP frontrunner, because that in turn means that most of the people who voted for him are morons, or at the very least low-info voters who don’t care enough about something as important as electing a president to do their homework and find out that they’re voting for a know-nothing con artist.