Rush Limbaugh's con on conservatives is no longer working

I recently heard a caller call into the Rush Limbaugh show and basically call him out for defending Trump’s idiotic and indefensible comments on abortion.

The question I have is:  Is Rush really this clueless, or as he puts it “curious” about Trumpsters, or is he just pretending to be?

He keeps talking about how nobody understand why Trump can’t be separated from his voters. Really? It’s a mystery?

It’s pretty simple, it’s a cult of personality involving low info voters. That’s why Trump can say or do anything and not lose support in the polls.  These people often don’t have much going on in their lives and are living vicariously through Trump.

I think this is just a lame excuse by Rush to cover himself from accusations that he’s sold out for Trump, which he clearly has. I don’t think he’s really that “curious” about why Trumpsters are so dedicated to Trump.


Memo to Rush-      it doesn’t matter why Trumpsters keep backing Trump. Who cares?  That’s no excuse to keep defending every stupid comment or action he does. Either you’re for conservative principles and politicians and against phonies like Trump, or you aren’t. Stop pretending you aren’t trying to sit on the fence so you can keep getting good ratings and keep both Trumpsters and conservatives listening to your show.

Just admit this all comes down to naked self interest on your part. Most of us aren’t fooled anyway.

Another excuse you use is saying your goal is to defeat Hillary in November, and nothing else matters. Well that’s BS. Our goal should be to nominate and elect a conservative as president, not simply to defeat Hillary. If that’s your only goal, then why not nominate Bloomberg as the GOP nominee?

Don’t you realize you’re now making the exact same argument that the GOP establishment has been making all these years, that it doesn’t matter who we nominate, as long as they can beat the Democrat in the general, that’s all that matters?  It doesn’t matter if the GOP nominee is conservative or not, or is a buffoon with no understanding of policy or experience.  Right?

Well guess what, it does matter.  Principles, character, ideas, and policies matter.  Our goals should be to defeat the Democrat AND put a principled conservative in the White House.  Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

I think this is just another excuse by Rush to defend Trump. He pretends that he’s really just trying to help whoever the eventual nominee is, but in reality we all know he’s simply trying to defend Trump, and that excuse is a cover for it. Maybe he’s even bought into his own bs at this point, who knows. But most conservatives are no longer buying it.

You wanna help the eventual GOP nominee in November? Call out Trump now, tell everyone how stupid his comments are and how they don’t represent what conservatives really believe about abortion, and that Trump isn’t one of us. That will do a lot more to help us win in November than simply blaming everything on the media and defending Trump.

I wonder if there comes a day when Trump does something so stupid or outrageous that Rush can no longer defend him. If that day ever comes, it’s over for Trump. You lose Rush, you lose, period.