Senator Cruz needs an "I paid for this mic" moment


Up til now, I simply haven’t seen Sen. Cruz have a moment on the campaign trail where he’s show real emotion or where he’s had a raw moment.

For the people in the remaining states who are undecided and are thinking of voting for either him or Trump, they tend to see Cruz as a typical politician, and he doesn’t seem authentic compared to Trump, even though he’s obviously more conservative.

I believe he needs a moment that really stands out, that isn’t scripted at all, that reveals who he really is to the american people.

Reagan had that moment before a debate in 1980.  The debate moderator tried to cut his mic when Reagan was about to explain to the audience why there was a delay before the start of the debate.  That really pissed Reagan off, who had actually paid for the debate in order to allow the rest of the candidates to participate, and so he said in an angry voice, “Mr. Green, I paid for this mic”.

The audience roared, and it really gave the country an idea of who Reagan was, and that he wasn’t a phony.  Reagan went on to crush George H.W. Bush in the New Hampshire primary, after just losing Iowa, and went on to win the nomination.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Sen. Cruz needs a moment like that. It doesn’t have to be anger, it can be a moment of sadness, joy, laughter, surprise, compassion, or anything else that’s real.

In my humble opinion, his campaign speeches have too much rhetoric, and not enough “real talk”.  That needs to change.

The bottom line is Cruz needs a game changing moment, and he hasn’t had one in this campaign so far. He’s just cruising along (pun intended), but that might not be enough to beat Trump.

Sen. Cruz guards his emotions too tightly. In politics this is often an advantage for a candidate, but not this time around. Usually, it’s the unscripted candidates who lose control of their emotions or go off message at inopportune times, and it ends up destroying their candidacy, like Howard Dean with his scream, Rick Perry with his “oops” moment, and many other examples I’m sure people could come up with.

But because of Trump, in this election cycle going off script has become an advantage, and any candidate who never does it is seen as either a phony or just a typical DC insider politician because voters are subconsciously comparing every candidate to Trump, who they see 24/7 on their tv screens.

I’ve criticized Sen. Cruz on this before, and I’m doing it again because now it’s more important than ever for him to understand this. He feels he can’t let his guard down and be unscripted, that he needs message discipline because he can’t make a mistake. He’s taken to heart the lessens other conservatives in the past have failed to learn, which is that the media is against a conservative candidate 100% and will eat you alive if you make any mistake.

But I think he’s taken it too far. He’s gone out of his way not to make mistakes at the expense of not opening up with voters and showing them who he really is.

What he apparently hasn’t learned yet is that Trump is providing cover for him to go off script. Sure, he’ll be held to a higher standard for it by the media, but undecided voters will see it as refreshing, and maybe as a more intelligent and controlled version of Trump.

Anything Cruz says or does at this point that might seem unconventional will pale in comparison to the things Trump has already said and done, and at this point it’s already nearly impossible for him to win the nomination outright, so he has nothing to lose. It’s time to take some risks and be real with the voters.

At the very least, if he loses, Sen. Cruz can look back on his campaign and say he left nothing on the table and he gave it his all.

It’s time for Sen. Cruz to show Trump and his voters that Trump isn’t the only candidate who can “tell it like it is”.



Just a day after I wrote this diary, Ted held an event for women in Wisconsin, and he showed a side of himself I don’t think he’s ever shown before, at least not one the vast majority of voters have seen.

I encourage everyone to watch it and spread it.  You can watch the full event here.

If you get into a debate with someone who doesn’t like Cruz, or even is undecided but is leaning toward Trump or Kasich because they think Cruz is phony or a typical politician, tell them to watch this video.

This is the real Ted Cruz.

Also, for anyone who actually believed the silly National Enquirer hit piece for even a second, this video is a powerful and utterly complete refutation of those rumors. True love can’t be faked or hidden, and it’s clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that Ted and his wife Heidi have true, unconditional love for each other. No man who’s had five mistresses speaks about his wife the way Ted speaks about Heidi.

No man who’s lucky enough to have a wife like Heidi and who shares a bond the way Ted does with his wife would ever even have a desire to cheat, let alone have five mistresses.

This might not have been the kind of game-changing moment Cruz needed, but as someone who’s been critical of Cruz’s tone and style from the start, this act of revealing who he really is relieved some of my concerns about him and his appeal to a broader electorate.  I just hope more voters get to see and know the real Ted before it’s too late, cause if they did I believe they’d actually find him much more likable than he’s portrayed in the media, and even by himself sometimes.