It's time for conservatives to let go and let Trump destroy the GOP


Let me begin with the following premise:  Everything I write in this diary is based on the assumption that Trump will be the nominee, merely for the sake of philosophical argument.  Just to be clear, I still believe there’s a good chance he won’t be, and that Cruz can win the nomination, most likely by an open convention on the second ballot.

But as conservatives we also have to be prepared for the very real possibility that Trump will be the nominee, and that’s what this diary is about.


Once one gets over the incredibly depressing thought of Donald Trump representing the GOP and by association, the conservative movement, one can begin to be optimistic and look for the good that can come out of this chaos.  That’s what I’m attempting to do in this diary.

Let’s transport ourselves into a future where Trump is our nominee.  At that point we’ll already have gone through the five stages of grieving, including denial and acceptance.  Once we get beyond all that, we can start to pick up the pieces of the conservative movement and rebuild it from the ground up, and we can do so with hope for the future, even joyfully.

By then I’ll be looking forward to a conservative third party run in the fall even though we all know that would mean Hillary will be elected president.

Let Trump and his big gov’t republicans and democrats have the republican party. We don’t need it anymore, we’ll create a party for those of us who still believe in freedom and the Christian values that made this country great in the first place, just like the GOP was created from the ashes of the Whig party in response to slavery.

The conservatives of those days had to decide what they stood for, and if their values and principles were worth fighting for, even if it meant the creation of a new party.  And so the conservatives of today face a similar choice, and must make the same fateful decision.

As much as we want Cruz to win the nomination, I think it doesn’t even matter if he does in the long run. Many of Trump’s supporters will simply stay home if anyone except Trump is the nominee.

I believe there’s been a break in the GOP that’s irreparable.  It’s been split between the nationalists/populists who simply want gov’t to work for them and nobody else, no matter how big it is, and the true conservatives and libertarians who believe the only way to return our country to the prosperous and free country it once was is by reducing the size of gov’t.

I think a purge needs to happen in this country, where all the Trump supporters let out their anger and destroy the GOP, or what’s left of it. This will without a doubt cause Hillary to be elected president, but often things must get worse before they get better.

We need a defining moment as a movement.  I believe having a conservative like Sen. Cruz stand up for conservative values and principles and making a fool out of Trump and Hillary on the debate stage in front of the entire nation would be such a moment.

The conservative movement needs to have a time in the wilderness, banished from the places of power in this country, even more so than we already are, just like the Jewish people had to wander forty years in the desert before God allowed them to reach the promised land.

We need to be purified by fire, and that involves removing from our ranks all of the phonies and impostors who’ve pretended to be conservative for years just because they could make a profit off of it or could be part of our club. (I’m looking at you, Hannity, Rush, Tantaros, Bolling, and more).

Trump has unintentionally outed many of them, but some will still be left after all this chaos is over, and it’ll be up to us to kick them out of our movement.

We have to define what it means to be a Christian, and then what it means to be a conservative. Up til now we’ve let the secular culture and even phony republicans define those things for us, and it’s time we stand up and define them ourselves.



I know what I’m about to write is depressing, but sometimes reality is depressing.   It’s time for conservatives to let go of the idea that we can still salvage the remains of the GOP and somehow unite it.  It’s split three ways between the establishment/moderates, the populists/white nationalists, and the true small gov’t conservatives.

I believe this is a permanent split.  It’s like a wound, with the country being the body.  We need to let it heal, and when it does, there will be some scar tissue on top of the old tissue, but that’s what’s necessary for healing.

If Trump is the GOP nominee, he will lose to Hillary, I’m 99% certain of that.  It’s just not mathematically possible for him to beat her.  Why?  Because the demographics are already against any GOP nominee, but especially against Trump because of the way he’s turned off so many hispanic voters.  I think he’ll be lucky if he gets 20% of them against Hillary.

He would have to make up for that by dominating her among white voters, and that’s just not gonna happen.  One reason is because a significant percentage of the GOP grassroots base will stay home or vote 3rd party if Trump is the nominee.  So not only will Trump start out with the automatic demographic disadvantage every GOP nominee starts out with, but he’ll have the additional disadvantage of not having the base with him.

Even if he does win over disaffected blue collar Democrats to his side, there aren’t nearly enough of them to outweigh  his disadvantages.

So Hillary will be elected, and although this will be a nightmare for the country, it will vindicate us conservatives who warned the Trumpsters and the country as a whole that nominating Trump would put a democrat in the White House.

I also believe it will cause all the big gov’t republicans and former democrats who voted for Trump to go back into the caves they crawled out of, because the only reason they got involved in the political process this time around was due to their getting sucked into Trump’s cult of personality.

I think Trump’s rise and fall will create an inflection point in the history of politics in this country.  It might be divided into two eras:  Before Trump-  BT, and After Trump-  AT.

All the people who voted for him weren’t engaged in politics before Trump came on the scene, and they won’t be engaged after he leaves it.

This leaves an opening for thoughtful people of principle on both sides of the aisle to fill.

As long as there isn’t another Trump in the future, and let’s pray there isn’t, these Trumpsters will stay out of the political arena, just like they’ve done for decades.

In fact, the last time they got involved, they put another Clinton in the White House.  These were the same kind of people who voted for Ross Perot in 1992.  They created the same split in the GOP that we’re seeing now.

I’m a student of history, and conservatives would do well to learn from history, particularly that election.  There was nothing conservatives could do to stop Perot from taking votes away from George H.W. Bush, and likewise there’s probably nothing we can do now to stop Trump from taking votes away from Cruz or whoever runs as a 3rd party conservative, either now or in the general election.

The only difference might be that the roles will be reversed this time around, with the conservative running as a 3rd party candidate and acting as the spoiler for the GOP nominee, who is the populist Perot was.


I believe this is the reason George W. Bush was able to win two elections, despite angering both conservatives and liberals with many bad policies.  He turned the election into a simple battle between conservatives and liberals, and it turned out that there are slightly more of us than there are of them.

The populists who voted for Perot in 92 and Pat Buchanan in 1996 stayed home in 2000 and 2004.

When you combine the supporters of big gov’t within the GOP with those in the Democrat party who vote in republican primaries, it’s simply a fact that there are more of them than there are of us, us being true conservatives.

Of course the ironic thing is that’s a result of the GOPe allowing many states to have open primaries and caucuses, which makes zero sense if they actually wanted a conservative nominee.  That gave away their secret, which is that they don’t want a conservative, they want a moderate.

But that backfired on them because they got a moderate, just not one they wanna support cause he’s a raging egomaniacal white nationalist with authoritarian tendencies.

But that’s ok, because it exposed the division within the GOP that I’ve been describing in this diary, and I believe will trigger the necessary purification that will separate the big gov’t republicans and populists from the true conservatives.


Conservatives should use jiu jitsu against Trump.  That would involve using his political weight and momentum against him.  So instead of resisting his hostile takeover of the GOP, as he expects us to continue to do, we should let him do it.  Then, the minute he has full control over the GOP, we should leave it en masse, leaving only a shallow populist, big gov’t remnant behind, the 35% who are currently supporting Trump.

Once we do form a third party, we can learn a lesson from all of this, and when we select a nominee for that party in the future, we can make sure that every state’s primary or caucus is closed, so that only conservatives will decide who the nominee of that party is.



One last reason I believe we need to let Trump take over the GOP is because the next generation of conservatives, and even those young people who currently consider themselves liberal but might one day become conservative need a party who represents them.  The GOP no longer does, especially if it’s led by Donald Trump.


Trump is turning off many people to politics, especially young people who he can’t even remotely relate to because:

a)he grew up in a different time

b)he’s lived his entire life in a bubble of wealth and power and

c)they don’t share his white nationalist and isolationist views of America and our relationship with the world.

Personally, I’m a political junkie.  I’ve been passionate about politics for my entire short adult life, even when I’ve had to support lame moderate republican nominees like Romney and McCain.

But Trump has turned me off to politics.  For the first time in my life I really don’t wanna follow the day to day events and stories that come from the political arena because the coverage is almost exclusively focused on Trump and his dumb and/or offensive comments 24/7.  He’s the candidate for the non-thinking man, and I’m a thinking man.

My eyes glaze over when watching Trump talk, or even watching others talk about him.  They repeat the same talking points over and over again because with Trump, there’s no “there” there.  He’s an empty vessel for the blind anger that’s consumed about a third of the republican primary electorate.  That leaves those of us who actually want a serious candidate and want actual debates on policy out in the cold.

There’s no substance left in our political discourse because Trump has squeezed every last drop of it out of the political arena.

But it’s even worse than that.  Beyond the dumbing down of our politics, Trump’s candidacy is bringing out the worst in everyone, and it’s caused people to become tribal and put up walls between each other, walling off anyone who doesn’t think the way they do about Trump or his statements.

I believe he has the potential to turn off an entire generation from politics.  Young people see Trump and his white nationalist/poorly educated supporters and think “if this is what politics is all about, I want nothing to do with it”.

And they’d be justified in thinking that way.  That’s why Sen. Cruz is beating Trump with young people even in the states he’s losing.

I believe this is why we need to create a conservative third party.  We need to give this coming generation something to believe in, to fight for, and to be proud of.  Right now such a candidate exists- his name is Ted Cruz.  But he might not have a party to lead come September.

If Trump is the GOP nominee, it’s time to dispense with the GOP once and for all and leave it in the ash-heap of history.  It’s time to give a voice to the real silent majority, the conservatives who haven’t had a conservative nominee representing them since Ronald Reagan in 1988.

It’s not enough to just vote against Trump.  We need to be for something, and we can only do that if we have our own party if Trump is the nominee.