Trump and his followers are the new establishment- #TRUMPe

So I was exchanging tweets with a fellow conservative on Twitter this morning, and one of his tweets got me thinking.

He was saying the GOPe would rather support Trump instead of Cruz because Trump would be easier to work with in their minds.

My response was that I actually think more will choose Cruz over Trump because although they secretly would rather work with Trump, they simply don’t want to be associated with him, he’s too embarrassing for them.

They might think Cruz is divisive and partisan, but he won’t embarrass them the way Trump will if he’s the nominee.  They’re afraid for their reputations if they have to defend Trump, more so than if they have to defend Cruz, and they care about their reputations more than ideology or principles.

But I also realized that Trump and his followers have already become the new Establishment, without even realizing it.  They’re making all the same arguments the GOPe has made for years, such as:

1) Ideology doesn’t matter, winning is all that matters and we need to pick the candidate who can win, even if he’s the most liberal.

2)They’re telling us to vote for Trump in the general even though we don’t like him cause he’s the lesser of two evils.

Sound familiar?  It should, cause that’s the exact argument the GOPe made to us regarding both McCain and Romney, and we know how that turned out.  Clearly Trumpsters aren’t students of history, but I am, and I know nominating Trump would produce the exact same result.

3)It’s ok to have big gov’t, as long as we use it to take care of “our people”.  Trump has even said we should use it to make sure people aren’t dying in the streets from lack of healthcare.

This is just the latest version of “compassionate conservatism”.


Trump might win the nomination in the end, but at least let’s have some fun with the Trumpsters and annoy them as much as possible, they certainly deserve it.

They’ll hate being equated with the GOPe, but they’re two sides of the same coin.

So I came up with this term to describe this equivalence, I haven’t seen it anywhere else-  #TRUMPe.

Join me in getting #TRUMPe trending on twitter.  That can be our way of showing them how delusional they are, that they aren’t gonna burn the system down because they already ARE the system.

A vote for Trump is a vote for the status quo and making more bad deals.  His supporters are just replacing one big gov’t liberal with another, only this one pretends to be a conservative.