I have news for conservatives- Trump isn't the only person lying to voters

Throughout this race there have been so many accusations of lying, both between the candidates and among their supporters.  It’s reached the point where that accusation is meaningless.

But speaking for conservatives, I think we can all agree that Donald Trump is the biggest liar of all, with Ben Carson and Chris Christie tied for second place.

However, that’s just stating the obvious.  This diary isn’t about Trump and his lies, rather, it’s about his voters.

I know rule #1 in politics is to never blame the voters for anything or say anything bad about them in any way, and that’s typically a good rule to follow- for politicians.

But I’m not running for president so I can be honest and say what I know senators Cruz and Rubio are no doubt thinking, which is this:

Donald Trump’s supporters deserve as much of the blame for making him the frontrunner of the GOP as Trump himself and even the media does.

In particular I wanna single out so called “evangelical” Christians who have voted for Trump more than any other candidate.  Much has already been written about why they’ve done this, including my own writing, so I won’t repeat those ideas.

But tonight I was listening to a conservative talk radio host’s show, and it gave me a new thought or explanation of this seemingly bizarre phenomenon.

Suddenly it all made sense after hearing an evangelical caller tell the host that he proudly voted for Trump even though he’s been a supporter of Dr. Carson from the start.

When the host asked why considering the fact that Trump basically represents everything Dr. Carson has always claimed he’s against, the caller said it’s because Trump’s all about winning, and as president he’ll “get things done”.

If this explanation strikes you as one that doesn’t contain any logic or sound thinking, it’s because it doesn’t.  I have yet to meet a single Trump supporter who defends their support for him on an intellectual or ideological basis, and I’ve debated many of them on twitter and elsewhere.

But after listening to that caller, it hit me-   the reason why so many “evangelicals”, or EINOs, as I like to call em (evangelicals in name only) have voted for Trump is twofold:

1)It allows them to continue to call themselves evangelical, which they like to do because it makes them feel like they’re part of a larger community and that they’re a good person with values, even if they don’t practice any of those values.

2) More importantly, by voting for Trump, it allows them to excuse their near total or in many cases total lack of living out their alleged faith in their everyday lives.  It helps them feel less guilty for claiming they belong to the faith community while living their lives as if God doesn’t exist.


So it isn’t just Trump who’s lying to them, they’re also lying to themselves, many without even realizing it.  They tell themselves that they’re Christian and thus somehow better than liberals or the secular left and right for that matter, but in word and deed they’re exactly the same as the secular progressives they say they hate and who they believe are destroying our country.

They’ve been living a lie, and up til now they haven’t really had any excuse for it.  But when they vote for Trump, they’ve found their excuse.  They can tell everyone they’re evangelical, but they can escape the comparisons between themselves and their faithful brothers and sisters who actually go to church regularly and actively practice their faith by saying that they’re voting for Trump because “he’s a winner” and “he gets stuff done”, and that’s the most important thing to look for in a candidate.

This rationale allows them to ignore or paper over Trump’s un-Christian behavior, and provides cover for their own hypocrisy.

After all, if we have a candidate who wins and who will get stuff done as president, why does it matter if he’s a good Christian, or for that matter, even a good person?

This argument turns the entire political arena into a morally relative grey area where values and character no longer matter, only getting results matters.  By doing this, the voters who make this argument are actually using it as a proxy argument to do the same thing in their own lives.

In other words, by convincing everyone that values and character don’t matter in politics, they hope to convince us that Christian values and faith don’t really matter in everyday life.  That way they can’t be compared to their fellow Christians who do practice what the Church teaches, and thus can’t be held accountable for their sinful lives.

The biggest irony of this is that they don’t even realize they’re making the exact same argument the GOP establishment has been making for years.  The GOPe has convinced the GOP primary electorate over and over again that winning is all that matters, that winning cures all ills.  That’s why we ended up with McCain and Romney as our nominees.

They said it’s better to win with someone who doesn’t share our values and principles than to lose with someone who does.

The funny thing is, now about 35% of that same GOP primary electorate is making that argument to the grassroots base, who actually wanna nominate a conservative for once, for the first time since Reagan.  They’re saying Trump might not share our values and principles, but he can win, and that’s really all that matters.

Funny how that works.  These so called “angry voters” who wanna turn the system upside down are making the strongest possible case for keeping the status quo in place, just replacing the politicians they don’t like with ones they do, in this case Trump.

So Trump isn’t the only liar.  As it turns out, there are millions of liars all over this country who claim to be one thing but vote for a candidate who represents the antithesis of everything they claim to believe in and value.

If this diary sounds judgmental, it’s because it is.  As Christians, we aren’t called to judge the souls of our fellow Christians, but we are called to hold each other accountable by judging each other’s actions.  Otherwise, there is no right and wrong and everything is relative.

I can’t say whether or not these Christians will end up in Heaven or Hell, only God knows that and it’s for Him to decide.  But what I can say is they certainly aren’t leading more people to Heaven by the candidate they’re choosing to vote for.

Make no mistake about it, on judgement day, they’ll be asked why they voted for a candidate who would divide the country, who has supported the murder of unborn babies his entire life, which no Christian can condone, and who brings out the worst in all of us, instead of appealing to the better angels of our nature, as Lincoln once did.

I might not be able to stop such a candidate from winning the nomination or even becoming president, but I won’t stay silent and pretend his voters’ anger is a valid excuse for  his legitimization as a frontrunner in the republican party.  It’s not.