The silver lining of a Trump nomination

As I’ve said in some of my past diaries, at heart I’m an optimistic person.  I always try to see the good in every situation, no matter how bleak it may seem.  This primary fight is no different.

I still don’t believe Trump will be the nominee, but as conservatives we have to at least start mentally preparing ourselves for that possibility.  The truth is it would be an unmitigated disaster for the conservative movement.  It would set back all of the things we’ve been fighting for, probably for decades.

It would guarantee a Democrat in the White House for at least the next four years, and probably many after that.  It would very likely cause the GOP to lose both houses of Congress.

The Democrats would finally be in control of all three branches of the federal gov’t, something they’ve been wanting for decades.

All this because the base of the GOP decided to nominate a liberal buffoon who got bored and tired of being rich and famous and wanted to run for president, and who realized that the only way he could successfully do so was to become a conservative impostor, a chameleon who changes his colors at a moment’s notice throughout the campaign any time his beliefs and past statements cause people to doubt him.

This all sounds pretty depressing and bleak, and it is.

But even in this worst case scenario, I can see a silver lining.

For one, I will love to watch Trump go down in flames once the Clinton attack machine goes after him in full force, along with the media who was so nice to him up til then.  The second he would become the nominee, the media will turn on him so fast and with a vengeance that will take his breath away.

The only reason they’ve been so helpful to him so far is because they want him to be the nominee, cause they know out of all the candidates he is by far the easiest to beat in a general election, and their goal is to put Hillary in the White House, so getting Trump nominated gets them closer to that goal.

In the general election, Hillary will use the gender card on Trump, and it’ll stick because it reinforces the existing narrative, which Hillary’s surrogates will resurrect, that Trump is a dirty sexist who hates women, and they’ll have tons of material to use to back that up.  They’ll run ads just using Trump’s vulgar words and statements from the past for days (avoiding getting STDs from women was his personal vietnam, women like to be mistreated, and those aren’t even the worst ones . . .etc).

I’ll just sit back and watch with enjoyment as all of Trump’s supposedly conservative supporters in the media (Andrea Tantaros, Coulter, Ingraham, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity, just to name a few) will have to try and defend the steady stream of filth represented by Trump’s actual words that will be on the airwaves and on social media 24/7.

Trump can’t attack Hillary too harshly cause he’ll come off as a sexist and a bully, and the media will promote that narrative all day every day.  He won’t be able to trash her the way he’s trashed his republican opponents.

And she won’t have those restrictions, nor will she have to be in any way cautious the way Trump’s republican opponents have, cause she already got her party’s nomination so she has no reason to hold back against Trump.

Trump supporters would have to defend all his dirty laundry,  like the following:

-His vile comments on women

-His connections to criminals and people associated with the mob through his business deals

-His 4 bankruptcies

-All of his failed business ventures, like Trump Airlines, Trump Vodka, Trump Steaks, etc

Then, come November 4th, conservatives will be vindicated for warning that we never should’ve nominated Trump, as he’ll lose to Hillary, if not in a landslide, then at least by a few points.  Trump’s supporters told us that we needed to nominate him cause he can beat Hillary since he doesn’t have to be pc the way typical politicians do.

His loss that day will prove that principles and policies actually matter, and that nominating a bloviating narcissist just won’t cut it.


Trump’s nomination would also provide clarity for conservatives in the country, cause it would finally end the charade that the GOP was the party for them.  There would no longer be a party for liberals and a party for conservatives, there would be a progressive party (the Democrats) and a nationalist/populist party (the new GOP).

From the ashes of the GOP, a new party could then arise, and this party would truly be the party of conservatives, much like UKIP arose in the UK in response to the increasing liberalism of the Tory (check name of real party) party there.

We might not win elections for a while, but at least we could finally nominate a true conservative who would unabashedly and without reservation represent and defend conservative principles and values.