Random thoughts on last night's debate part 2

Please read part 1, otherwise this won’t make sense since I left off in the middle of that diary.  I had to split it into two parts since it got pretty long.

Continued from part 1 . . . .


Wow. Carson is having his own little mini meltdown. All of the other candidates are just looking at him with confusion. Like the rest of us they’re wondering, why are you even on this stage?

I gotta say this debate turned into a total circus, to put it mildly . It upsets me, because I know the only reason it’s become this way is because of Trump.  When you’re dealing with a bully, everyone has to become simultaneously aggressive and defensive, cause you gotta punch the bully in the face all while preventing yourself from being punched in the face.

I think the new motto for Carson’s campaign should be: “Can someone attack me please?”

That pretty much sums up his entire campaign. If there’s ever been a more pathetic candidate for president, at least on the republican side, I can’t think of one. This is truly embarrassing, and apparently Dr. Carson has no shame.

This is unreal. Cruz had a comeback to Trump calling him a liar, and Trump literally ignored him and just yelled at Rubio the entire time Ted was trying to make his point, and by the time he was done, Cruz didn’t even get a word in. This was disgraceful. The moderators should be ashamed of themselves.

At this point, as long as Donald is in the race, we shouldn’t even bother to have debates anymore. He makes it impossible cause he throws a temper tantrum every time he’s criticized. It’s become the equivalent of a cage match. So I think we should have an actual cage match, and whoever is left standing among the candidates gets to be the nominee. Fair enough?

By the end of this debate, I didn’t even wanna hear a discussion about policy anymore because I know that simply isn’t possible with an overgrown baby on stage yelling at everyone. I just wanted Cruz and Rubio to insult or mock Trump, and for Trump to shut up.

Trump has hijacked this primary season and made it a circus. I feel like I’m in a political nightmare, and I’m still waiting for someone to wake me up from it.

Rubio gave a great answer on Puerto Rico. I bet Trump was glad he wasn’t asked that question, he wouldn’t have had an answer.

I liked Rubio’s closing statement too. It wasn’t sophisticated, it was simple and to the point. He was basically saying if you’re tired of watching the nonsense coming from Trump and the circus he’s made out of this race, it’s time to get serious and vote for a serious candidate.

General thoughts after the debate:


I thought all along the gop primary race would be about which candidate was the most conservative and who also was the most qualified to be president. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, if it was, Governors Walker and Perry would still be in the race, and one of them would have gotten my vote.

Sometimes we simply can’t afford to be idealists in politics, and this is one of those times in history. As they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

This race isn’t about who would make the best president, because it long ago stopped being a presidential primary and a debate about ideas, and started being a brutal street fight.

We have to accept that reality when deciding on who to vote for. So, acknowledging that reality, it means we have to look for the best fighter, and the best test of that criteria is who can knock out Trump. Who has the passion, the guts, the intellect, and the means to do it?

Many have tried only to fail over and over again. It’s come down to two choices: senators Rubio and Cruz. I’ve said from the very beginning I was torn between them, because with both of them there are things I like and things I don’t like. WIth Rubio it’s more about policy differences, whereas with Cruz it’s always been more about political strategy and personality.

I initially backed Rubio, but switched over to Cruz because of how disengenuous Rubio was being on immigration and in his attacks on Cruz, in addition to his foreign policy and support for gov’t subsidies. But I even said at the time that my support for Cruz isn’t set in stone and that if something changed, I could end up voting for Rubio.

Well, last night something did change. Rubio proved that he was the best boxer in the ring, the candidate most able to take out Trump, at least in my humble opinion.

So I’ve decided to vote for him.
I have mixed feelings after this debate. On the one hand, I’m really glad Cruz and especially Rubio finally stood up to the bully and bloodied his nose. He deserved it and it was long overdue. But on the other hand, it boggles my mind that apparently they’re just learning about all of Trump’s horrible deals and failed business ventures now, as this article points out.

This was political malpractice on the part of both the Rubio and Cruz campaigns. Imagine if Rubio had done this to Trump three months ago. Does anyone think Trump would have done as well as he’s done so far? I for one am convinced he wouldn’t be where he is if Rubio had gone after him this aggressively earlier.

But I guess there’s no use crying over spilled milk at this point. I’m just glad he finally did it and hope it’s not too late. He finally shut Trump up, and also ended the debate about whether or not he or anyone else is too afraid to attack him, cause it’s clear Rubio wasn’t afraid at all.

Yes, this is coming from the guy who wrote a diary about why I don’t like certain things about Rubio, so you know I’m unbiased.

This is just another example of one of Cruz’s strategies backfiring. He’s said from day 1 he won’t engage in personal insults against Trump or anyone else.

That was clearly a mistake. You can afford to take the high road when you’re in a fight against a good and decent man who rarely attacks you and when he does it’s only on your record, as George HW Bush did with Reagan in 1980. You can’t afford to take that approach with a bully who’s constantly punching you in the mouth, as Trump is and has done to Cruz and everyone else.

Perry was the first to understand that, but unfortunately he wasn’t the best man to punch back. Rubio finally has come around to this realization, and I believe he IS the best man for this fight. He can throw a punch with the best of em, as he showed us when he eviscerated Jeb last year.

I’ve concluded that Cruz is just too nice to be our nominee. Again, that’s unfortunate, and I wish it weren’t that way, but I’m a realist as much as I’m an optimist, and I have to race reality here. You simply can’t beat Trump by being the nice guy.

I like Cruz and think he’s a great debater, but I think his style of debating isn’t ideally suited for this election. For this fight, Rubio’s style is better, and for that reason he’s been the better debater.

Cruz talks about principles and conservative ideals. He talks slowly and with conviction. But Rubio talks quickly and with passion, and is quicker on his feet than Cruz.

Cruz is used to presenting arguments before a court, but that allows much more time to present an argument. In a debate with a bully you have to be able to think on your feet and come up with ad-libs, and Rubio is simply better at this than Cruz.

Cruz’s strategy of being friends with Trump until he felt it necessary to attack him was probably the biggest mistake of his campaign. In hindsight it just looks silly.

You can’t be friends with the frontrunner for 6 months and say things like “I like donald”, and “he’s bold and brash”, and then wake up one day and all of a sudden turn on a dime and start saying he’s a corrupt businessman who is crazy and unstable.

It just makes you look like a scheming politician, and in fact it fed into Trump’s narrative that he’s the only one who isn’t that kind of politician. Cruz’s strategy played right into Trump’s hands, and we’ve seen the results in the polls.

One of Cruz’s problems is that he overstrategizes. But he outsmarted himself. He tried to plan everything out in advance, when the best thing to do would have been to create a simple message, stick to it, and talk directly to voters instead of hanging onto the same rhetoric over and over again.

Does anyone remember when Cruz said something along the lines of, “my strategy is to give Carson and trump bear hugs, and to sing their praises”, and “I think gravity will bring down their campaigns, and we’ll be waiting to take their voters once that happens”?

Again, hindsight is 20/20, but looking bad on that, clearly he couldn’t have been more wrong.

Mark Levin has said that Rubio has used alinsky-like tactics against Cruz, and he has. That’s what turned me off to him in the first place, among other things. But we’re gonna need a candidate who uses those kind of tactics, both against Trump, and then against Hillary, cause neither Trump nor Hillary fight fair.

When you’re wrestling with a pig you have to be willing to get in the mud, and make no mistake, when it comes to both the political arena and their personal lives, Trump and Hillary are both pigs, just different sides of the same coin.

One is a democrat who claims to be a progressive, but in reality she’s not an idealist. All she cares about is gaining power and influence, and if he has to pretend to care about progressive ideals, she will, even if she has to do many flip flops to prove it.

The other is a RINO who claims to be a conservative, but who also only cares about himself and gaining more power and influence.

We have to have a fighter who is willing to go all out to knock out these corrupt candidates and call them out on their lies, and Rubio is that guy. He called Hillary a liar, and as best I can remember, Cruz has never said that. He’s just too civil for this election.

This debate reminded me of the scene from Rocky 4 when Rocky was fighting Ivan Drago, and everyone was rooting for Drago and thought Rocky had no chance. Rocky was getting beat pretty badly, but finally in one of the later rounds, Rocky threw a punch and connected on Drago’s face, cutting him and making him bleed.

Just as a sidenote, for anyone who hasn’t watched the movie, you should, it’s a great American classic. And this scene is one of my all time favorite movie scenes from one of my favorite movies. Here’s the scene . . .
You got him hurt bad. – Yeah?

Now he’s worried. You cut him!

You hurt him!

You see? He’s not a machine! He’s a man!

You want it more than he does!

No pain!

Take it to him!

Get up!

Watch this scene and tell me it doesn’t remind you of what happened last night. After being the underdog for so long and not throwing a punch, Rubio finally punched the guy everyone in the media and even a plurality of the voters have been rooting for all along.

Like Leon, I’ve switched to Rubio, and while I take nothing away from Cruz, I’ve concluded he isn’t the man for this moment and the unique circumstances we find ourselves in. I believe Rubio is that man, and despite my issues with him, I’ll be voting for him in my state’s primary.