A glorious day awaits for conservatives in the not too distant future

For the past couple of months, and especially recently, all I’ve been hearing from conservative pundits is how Trump can’t be stopped and that we basically should give up and accept the inevitable death of the GOP.  Call me crazy, but I don’t see things that way.

I still have hope, but not in the republican primary voters.  Rather, I have hope in Donald Trump.  More precisely, I have faith in the laws of nature and human psychology, which tell me that a narcissistic with deep insecurities who’s been pampered his entire life will not be able to handle adversity and the grueling campaign that is required of all presidential candidates who stay in it for the long haul.

In other words, I have hope that Trump will be himself, which means failing, because contrary to everything he’s said about himself, he’s done nothing but fail in life.  In fact, he’s so good at failing, he’s made himself successful out of failing(more on that in another diary I’m working on).  This campaign of his will be no different.  Let me explain why.


I believe Donald Trump will implode after losing several states to Cruz in the south.

He doesn’t know how to handle losing, he has a pathological level of narcissism that’s gone unchecked his entire life, and this is the first time he’s gonna have to face reality and realize that there are other candidates who people like more than him.

I predict that he’ll come in 2nd or 3rd in multiple states on Super Tuesday, and after he sees the results, Trump will have an epic meltdown the likes of which we’ve never seen in politics in the history of this country, because although many narcissists have run for president, none have been like Trump.

The difference between the many successful politicians who’ve won national elections who were also narcissists, the most recent example being Obama, and Trump, is that those politicians actually had enough discipline to listen to their advisers and keep their personal thoughts to themselves when it was obvious it would hurt them if they made those thoughts public.

The problem for Trump is two-fold:


1)He doesn’t have that discipline.


He’s had an easy life filled with excess and riches ever since he got out of college.  Sure, he’s worked hard to build his business, but he overcompensated for that hard work by indulging in everything his heart desires, from women, to buildings, to golf courses, you name it.

In other words, he’s used to being pampered to the extreme, with no limit.  When you look up the definition of a fat cat in the dictionary, it should have the name Donald Trump in that space.

Therefore he’s never had any incentive or reason to develop anything resembling discipline in his life.  When you have no bosses you can do whatever you want, whenever you want.  Furthermore, when you have almost unlimited amounts of money and material goods, you get used to living without discipline because you simply don’t need it.

That’s fine if you’re just running a company, but running for president is the exact opposite of that.  You have to have severe discipline to successfully run for the presidency, as any candidate will tell you.  You have to develop a message, policies that fit with that message, and then stick to them.  You have to carefully monitor what you say and when you say it, cause in politics there are landmines everywhere, particularly in our culture of social media frenzies and viral videos.

I know, people will say up til now that’s worked just fine for Trump, and that’s true.  But even low-info voters have an upper limit to what they’ll tolerate from a candidate they like, and the kind of behavior that candidate can exhibit.  Trump hasn’t reached that limit yet, but I predict he will, which I’ll explain later in this diary.


2)He lacks a mental filter, because he’s been his own boss his entire adult life, and has never had anyone tell him what to do or to keep him in check.  


I believe he was born with the genetics of a severe narcissist, but those genetics can be negated or compounded based on how a child is raised and what they’re influenced by growing up.

If a child is either abused or neglected, his or her pathological tendencies almost always become much worse as they get older.  I believe this is the case with Trump.  Based on what I’ve read, it’s clear his dad just wasn’t around much during his childhood, he was too busy building the real estate business Donald would eventually inherit.

That could also explain why his brother Freddy became an alcoholic and died of alcoholism.  

So Donald wasn’t affirmed by his parents, and as is the case with most children who were neglected, go looking for love in all the wrong places.  They also are subconsciously looking for affirmation in everything they do.  They wanna prove that they’re worthy of love, the love they never got from their parents.  Because of this they often develop deep insecurities combined with narcissism, which is clear Donald has.

When you combine these deep emotional and psychological problems with the fact that Trump has never had someone to guide him or at least tell him what to do, it basically has created a sociopath.


You might ask why I’m so confident Trump will have this meltdown.  My answer is because he’s already shown us he can’t handle losing.  Remember when Carson started beating him in the polls for a short time?  He went ballistic, equating him to a child molester and calling Carson a liar about something that happened during his childhood.

Keep in mind he was being this brutal with a guy who pretty much everyone liked at the time because he hadn’t said a bad word about any of his fellow Republicans, and was about the nicest guy we’ve ever had run for president up to that point.

If Trump was willing to throw the kitchen sink at Carson just cause a few polls showed him temporary leading Trump, what will he do when politicians like Rubio and Cruz who are, let’s just say, a little more aggressive than Carson with their approach to politics and their opponents in this race, start beating him not just in the polls, but in actual votes?

Trump also freaked out after he lost to Cruz in Iowa.  We all remember how he basically said Cruz was a fraud and stole the election, even though he had zero evidence of that.  Then the next day he said he didn’t care and was focusing on NH.

That’s just one state he lost.  Now multiply that by 10 or so, and imagine the kind of meltdown Trump will have then.

No matter what he does, it will be a huge embarrassment for all the so called “conservatives” who’ve been pushing Trump from day 1.  All of his supporters, both in the media, and the low info voters who’ve enabled him to get this far, will have egg on their face.  There will be no defense for the crazy things Trump will say and do that day.

That will be a glorious day for true conservatives all across this country.  It will be our vindication.  We can put aside the fight between Rubio and Cruz for a minute and just be happy with the fact that a con man who tried to co-opt the conservative movement and by proxy the GOP got rebuked by the people he targeted with his con.