Ted Cruz should fire his national campaign spokesperson- Updated

Based on my research and on the interviews I’ve seen from Rick Tyler so far in this campaign, I believe he’s done more harm than good in his position as national campaign spokesperson, and at the very least should be demoted to another position or sent to a Cruz super pac.
I think he should be replaced with a communications director who has experience with winning campaigns and who sticks to the message.


Tyler has only worked for candidates who lose. First it was Gingrich.

First of all I question anyone who signs up for a campaign involving Gingrich for president. Apparently he couldn’t see the writing on the wall that it would eventually implode.

After that, Tyler was also the spokesperson for Todd Akin. Enough said. Actually not enough said. You see, he joined the Akin campaign AFTER Akin made the infamous “legitimate rape” comments. Now enough said.

Now to some people reading this, this might seem like a trivial thing to write about or point out, but it’s not. The reason is because who a candidate surrounds himself with says a lot about them and their ability to lead, and to pick the right people to help them do that.

For example, Kasich’s decision to pick John Weaver to lead his campaign says everything you need to know about him, Weaver being the former Huntsman campaign operative who is known to hate the GOP grassroots with a passion.

Furthermore, a spokesperson speaks for you, the candidate, and represents you, so you better have someone who knows what they’re talking about and stays on message.

The problem is that Rick Tyler has a tendency to go rogue. He was the guy who went on the now infamous rant about how the media is against Gingrich.

And then he ended up quitting the campaign after Gingrich went on a cruise, only to come back to a Gingrich super pac and create all kinds of nasty ads against Romney that could’ve been created by a democrat.

That’s the last thing you need in a spokesperson. Tyler has a pattern of this kind of behavior, and it’s already reared its ugly head in this campaign.

He recently said Palin’s endorsement of Trump would be ” a blow to Palin”, which was really dumb. I’m no fan of Palin, but why would you antagonize her, when she shares some of the same fans Trump has, the voters Cruz has been trying to woo for months?  Sure enough it angered Palin, who then stabbed Cruz in the back, and Cruz had to walk it back by saying how much he loves her.

It’s always a red flag when a candidate and his spokesperson are saying opposite things.

The bottom line is Tyler has a problem with discipline, and that’s the worst possible character trait to be lacking in campaign spokesperson, where discipline is needed most.

For example, in addition to the rant I mentioned above, in an interview he did with Chris Matthews, he was bashing Romney on his taxes and said,

““Mitt would either have to be 3,033 years old or…he may have avoided paying the UBIT tax,” Tyler claimed, referring to the Unrelated Business Income Tax. “That’s criminal.”

Tyler was also the guy who put out the tweet about Rubio’s boots, which I doubt Cruz told him to do.

Furthermore, if you watch his interviews, Tyler just isn’t a very articulate or likable guy, as this interview demonstrates.

You really want that kind of guy to be the face of your campaign, which he basically is as your national campaign spokesperson?

I’m sending out a warning to the Cruz campaign. You should fire Tyler asap, before he becomes a headache for you, cause if you don’t, it’ll come back to haunt you. To be honest, Tyler just isn’t smart or articulate enough to be the main voice representing the Cruz campaign. Cruz needs a spokesperson who represents his level of intelligence and ability to defend conservative principles, and being likable wouldn’t hurt either.


Updated-  2-22-16-


Exactly a month ago I wrote this diary, explaining why I thought Tyler was not the right man for the job as Cruz’s national spokesperson.  I said he has a history of making silly comments and doing questionable things.  I predicted that at some point he’d go rogue.

Well, I hate to say I told you so to the people who were skeptical of my claims, but I told you so.

Tyler just made a fool of himself and only confirmed the charges Rubio’s been making all along that the Cruz campaign is unethical and involved in dirty tricks.

He made a facebook post claiming Rubio made a comment to a Cruz staffer implying that no answers can be found in the Bible.  Stupidly, he made this post, including a video of the interaction, without having any idea what Rubio actually said.  As it turns out, Rubio said the exact opposite of what Tyler claimed, telling the staffer that “All of the answers can be found in the Bible.”

Tyler has since apologized, but the damage is done.  I’ve been on Cruz’s side in the personal fight between him and Rubio over who’s playing dirty and who isn’t, because Rubio hasn’t produced a shred of evidence that Cruz has done anything unethical or dishonest.

But this actually was a dirty trick, and it came directly from Cruz’s national spokesperson, who represents Cruz’s campaign.  It feeds into the narrative Rubio and his people have been pushing all along about Cruz, which is that he and his staff are willing to do anything to help him win.

Not only that, but it appears Cruz doesn’t have control over his people, since there’s no way he could’ve approved of Tyler doing this.  Tyler apparently went rogue, just as I predicted he would.  It seems he didn’t even bother to check with Cruz before doing this, and it didn’t even cross his mind that it could hurt the campaign, which to anyone with any political experience was blatantly obvious.  That’s not only undisciplined, it’s stupid.

Cruz needs to send a message and make it clear that this doesn’t represent his campaign or his own ethics, and he should start by firing Tyler, or at least demoting him immediately.  Rubio’s attacks already hurt Cruz in SC, and if something doesn’t change, they could hurt him even more in the remaining states.