A time for choosing for conservatives

Reagan gave a speech called “a time for choosing”, where he called for a repudiation of the liberal policies that were just starting to be pushed at the time by LBJ and the Democrats.  Well, I say that’s what time it is for conservatives now.  Only our choice isn’t between a liberal democrat and a conservative republican, it’s within our party, and it’s between a liberal Republican (Trump) and a conservative Republican  (Cruz).

We already know we don’t want an establishment candidate, we want an outsider.

But the question we have to ask ourselves is do we want just any outsider with a brash personality, or do we want a principled conservative outsider? If it’s the latter, we MUST vote for Cruz.

But that’s not enough. Before we do that, we have to take out Trump. It’s not enough to sit on the sidelines and wait for Trump to take himself out, or for the MSM to do it.

That’s what Rush Limbaugh is doing. I listened to him for an hour today and he talked about the Trump vs Cruz fight without saying anything at all. I could tell he simply doesn’t wanna take sides because he likes Trump too much, even though he knows Trump isn’t a conservative.

We can’t do that. We have to take him out, and we gotta do it now, before he gains any momentum, because if he does, he’ll take out Cruz, and we’ll be left with a choice between Trump or an establishment Republican as the nominee, which are both really bad choices.

If we take out Trump, we can help Cruz beat the establishment because I believe more Trump voters will vote for Cruz than they will vote for Rubio, and a bunch will probably stay home.

Yet even that’s not enough. We also have to convince the other conservatives in the race, the lower tier candidates like Carson and Huckabee to drop out and convince their supporters to back Cruz. If we consolidate the entire conservative grassroots behind Cruz, we can easily defeat the establishment.

In fact, if we do that we might not even have to defeat Trump. In a 3 way race between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio, Cruz wins if he’s the only conservative left because there are more conservatives voting in the GOP primary than there are moderates or liberals, and even if that weren’t the case, the moderate/liberal vote is somewhat split between Rubio and Trump.

We have to start organizing, going to Trump rallies, talking to people we know who are planning on voting for Trump, and at least trying to persuade them to vote for Cruz.

If immigration is their issue, Cruz is arguably even stronger on it than Trump is.

If they want better trade deals with China and other countries, Cruz can do better on that than Trump too, and he might not even have to because if we lower the corporate tax rate enough it’ll allow businesses and jobs to come back to the US, which is exactly what Cruz wants to do.

On every other issue, Cruz is far more conservative than Trump ever was or will be.

Guys like Rush will say conservatives shouldn’t attack Trump cause that’s playing into the MSM’s hands and is exactly what they want.  My response to that is so be it.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and you can’t worry about how the rest of the world reacts.

What the MSM doesn’t want is for conservatives to present a united front, first against the establishment GOP, and then after winning the nomination, against Hillary and the Democrats.  But that’s exactly what will happen if we take out Trump, because Rubio can’t beat Cruz in a one on one matchup, he just doesn’t have a deep enough base of support.

Right now it’s the not the MSM and the Democrats who are standing in our way and preventing us from finally uniting behind a conservative candidate for president, it’s Trump and his supporters.

I actually think Cruz should give a speech similar to Reagan’s.  Only this speech should be about what we define conservatism and limited gov’t as, and what we should be looking for in a Republican nominee.  He should ask all of Trump’s supporters a simple question:

Are you gonna vote for a candidate based on celebrity and a strong personality, or are you gonna vote for a serious candidate with a set of principles he believes in, and the knowledge, experience, and determination necessary to put those principles into practice?

If the latter is what you’re looking for, then there’s only one real choice in this primary-  Ted Cruz.  You’ve had fun with supporting Trump long enough, but now it’s time to stop living in a fantasy world and support a candidate who is actually serious about leading this nation instead of doing what’s best for himself and his brand.

It’s a time for choosing for conservatives, I just hope we finally make the right choice, cause the nation depends on it.