Donald Trump's uncontrollable anger

Everyone knows by now that if you say anything that has even the slightest negative connotation about Trump, he’ll respond with all kinds of mean words and attacks on your character, regardless of the kind of person you are.

I would bet any money that if the Pope or Mother Theresa had criticized him, Trump would’ve tried to slander them too.

A recent article shows that not only will he say anything about anyone who he feels has wronged him, but he’ll take vindictive and spiteful action against them and their families too.

In this case it was his own flesh and blood.

I have a simple question for anyone who plans on supporting Trump: Is this the kind of man you want running the country? If he would withhold medical care for a sick baby over a legal dispute, imagine what he’d do to anyone who opposed him when he has the power of the presidency. That’s not something I wanna imagine.

I don’t believe he’ll be the nominee, but what I do worry about is that he’ll take away enough votes from conservatives like Cruz to ensure that another establishment republican wins the nomination.

It’s really clear in my view: one simply can’t call themselves a conservative and vote for Trump. He represents everything conservatives are supposed to be against, including using one’s power and influence to take advantage of people who are less fortunate, as he did in this case and as he’s done with eminent domain cases over the years.

The sooner Trump exits the race, the better off we’ll all be. Maybe then we can have some civility and intelligence in our political discourse and actually debate the issues and policies that matter.  We don’t need to be pc, but at the same time, we don’t need to dumb things down for the voters, while being crass and picking unnecessary fights with fellow Republicans instead of our true opponent, Hillary.