Why I'll stay home next November if Trump's the nominee

To all the Trump supporters out there:

If you still need evidence that he’s both ignorant and will do or say anything that promotes himself, even if it’s a lie or is bad for the country, I strongly urge you to watch this documentary on Putin, Trump’s new best buddy.

Trump was recently praised by Putin and returned that praise, calling him a “great leader” and someone who’s very popular in his own country. He’s even gone so far as to say that he’ll take Putin’s word regarding the charges that Putin has had several journalists thrown in jail and killed for speaking out against the corruption in his regime. Trump might be the only person in the world who actually believes Putin is innocent, if he does.

Putin is as corrupt of a ruler as you can possible get, as the documentary points out. He’s lied, stolen billions, and killed countless innocent civilians over the years, all for no reason other than to increase his own fame and power and to advance his agenda of restoring the power of the old soviet union to Russia.

He worked with corrupt Russian oligarchs to steal billions of aid money for St. Petersburg while its people starved.  As PM he invaded Chechnya simply to postpone the elections so that the people could be distracted from the corruption in his party, particularly with Yeltsin and his inner circle, and then he could win the presidency, which he did. He even had his own citizens killed by the hundreds in the infamous apartment bombings of 1999. It was all a set up to blame Chechnya, as a pretense they could use to invade that country.

It worked.  The people believed the lies Putin and his gov’t told them, and Russia invaded Chechnya, killing hundreds of innocent civilians in the process.  Putin’s approval rating soared and he became very popular.

Most Americans, even our politicians, have no idea just how evil Putin really is. Let me try to describe the level of brutality in the heart of this man.

There’s incontrovertible proof that the apartment bombings that killed hundreds of Russians were done by the FSB (Russia’s version of the CIA).

This is the equivalent of George W. Bush using the US gov’t to fly the planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11 and then blaming Mexicans and invading Mexico for it.  9/11 Truthers still believe Bush was behind it, which is insane of course, but in Russia it actually happened .

Beyond that, everyone in Russia who subsequently tried to investigate this link was found dead.
It’s pretty clear Putin was behind these murders because this is how the KGB used to operate (Putin was a KGB agent), and more importantly, this is Putin’s MO.

If that isn’t a bad enough indictment of Putin’s reign of corruption, there’s more.  He’s greatly damaged the Russian economy since he took over in 1999.

Did you know that the average Russian is poorer than the average Indian? The average median income in Russia is $871, in India it’s $1000. This is a direct result of Putin’s pillaging of the economy via oligarchs and their corrupt companies, who funnel money back to him from various enterprises like construction and oil profits.

This is what Trump considers “great leadership”?

Now, with all this in mind, let me remind you that this is the man Trump admires, to the point where he’s telling people that other GOP candidates are “jealous as hell” of Putin’s praise for him and wish he praised them instead. I’d be laughing if he wasn’t leading in most of the polls.

This is how Trump operates. He chooses to be willfully ignorant of anyone or anything that makes him look good, no matter how bad that person or thing is, and will actually praise that person or thing because he knows that the more he can make that person or thing look good and build them up, the more it can make him look good, or at the very least make his ego feel good, consequences be damned.

Imagine Trump in the White House. He says he wants to have a great relationship with Putin and to work with him to deal with terrorists and other problems. That would be a disaster both for us and for all the countries fighting Russia and their allies like Ukraine, Israel, and more.

This is just one of many reasons why I won’t vote for Trump if he’s our nominee.

I believe electing Hillary as president would be better for the conservative cause than Trump. Trump would set us back years, just as Bush did, only Trump would be worse because of his incompetence and horrible decision making. On the other hand, Hillary would be a horrible president and would divide the country like never before. After 4 years of her corruption and incompetence, I believe America would finally be fed up with liberal policies enough to elect a true conservative in 2020.

I also believe that in 1976 it was actually better that Carter got elected instead of Ford for a second term. Although Carter did great damage to the country both economically and internationally, it led to the Reagan revolution of 1980. Americans got a full dose of hardcore liberalism, and after 4 years, they had enough.

I think the same would be true of a Hillary Clinton presidency. She’d damage our economy and our foreign affairs and it would cause plenty of malaise in the country just as Carter did, setting up the perfect environment for a true conservative to run for and win the presidency in 2020.

But if Trump was elected, he would put in place some big gov’t policies of his own, mixed with a few things to please conservatives like closing the borders and deporting illegal immigrants. In other words, he’d do exactly what Bush did, which is plenty of things to piss off both conservatives and liberals, all while making the low info voters around the country think he represents conservatism, even though he’s not a conservative and never has been.

Just like in 1980, sometimes it’s the case that americans need to be woken up out of their complacency and to be reminded of what they’re really missing when they put a liberal in charge of the country.
Finally, I won’t support Trump because he’s just not a good person. He lacks any kind of character or integrity,(there are countless examples of this, which I’ll be happy to provide to anyone who needs proof) and that’s not somebody I’m willing to help advance to the White House. No Christian should support Trump because he represents the opposite of everything Christianity stands for, and basically has admitted as much when he said he never asks God for forgiveness cause he doesn’t think he does anything wrong.

All the evangelicals who are supporting Trump in my eyes are betraying their faith and putting politics above God.

In the end, I think this entire diary won’t be relevant because Trump won’t be the nominee, but I think it still needed to be written to touch on the larger point about the kind of leader conservatives, and all Americans should want in the White House.

So if by some miracle Trump is the GOP nominee, I’ll be staying home next November. But that’s not a vote for Hillary, it’s a vote for the 2020 GOP nominee and for the hope of a conservative future in america that restores us to the great country and people we once were and can be again.