Cruz's hidden strategy for the general election

I’m starting to believe Cruz is hiding his real strategy for the general. Turning out the base may be his strategy to win the nomination, as this article points out, but I believe he’s hiding his true strategy for winning the general, which is to both turn out the base and win over moderates and Reagan democrats, the kind of people who currently hate both parties but are supporting Trump.

Cruz is a strategical genius and brilliant debater, as several articles have demonstrated. He’s always planning things out 2 or 3 steps ahead of the rest of us. He’s done the math, so he has to know that based on the above article and others like it, just turning out the base and trying to bring as many evangelicals to the polls next November isn’t gonna be enough to win. He’s gonna have to win some new voters, and I think he knows it.

But i think he’s telling conservatives that his strategy to is just to bring them out in force because a)the act of revealing that strategy in and of itself is a way to fire up the base and rally support behind his campaign among conservative voters, and b)i think he’s hoping it’ll act as a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy, where he proclaims that he’ll bring out the base next November, and if he repeats it often enough, the evangelicals and disaffected voters who stayed home in 2012 will start to believe that all the people they know and the people who don’t but who share their beliefs will be coming out to vote for Cruz.  This in turn would motivate them to come out for him as well cause they don’t wanna feel left out of the process.

Unlike Romney, I dont think he’ll move to the center after winning the nomination, or water down his message at all. However, I do think he’ll change who he’s targeting the message to. I believe Cruz will eventually reach out to blacks, hispanics, young people, and women. He’ll make the case that voting for Hillary will hurt them economically, regardless of their beliefs on social issues, just like voting for Obama hurt them.

I think Cruz hasn’t started this process yet cause he doesn’t wanna jump the gun, and cause he doesnt wanna give any signals to the grassroots that he’s in any way a fake conservative who’s willing to do anything to get elected the way Romney was. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe Cruz does just have a single strategy of turning out the base, and is a true believer that that strategy will work.

But I suspect that there’s more to his strategy and campaign than meets the eye, and that he’s keeping his true plans hidden til after he would win the nomination, which is a good thing, and the smart thing to do. I’ve said all along he needs to reach out to minorities, young people, and women, whoever the gop nominee is does, and Cruz must know this too.

I think that’s one reason he voted against re-authorizing the patriot act and voted with [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] on the Freedom Act, he was looking ahead to his future campaign, knowing that he needs some of the youth vote to give him an advantage.  I think that’s also why he initially supported increasing H1B visas and refuses to say what he’d do with the illegals who are already here, although he’s said in the past that he would be open to legalizing them, just not giving them citizenship.

I could be wrong about all this, but I hope I’m not, cause I can’t think of a smarter or more effective strategy for a true conservative candidate for president to win both the nomination and the general election.