Cruz's Trump problem as I see it

Im thinking of switching my support from rubio to cruz primarily due to rubio’s disingenuous attacks on cruz about national security and the nsa, but one thing that makes me hesitate is cruz’s refusal to criticize anything trump says or does.

You dont’ have to be a RINO to do so, for evidence of that look no further than Rick Perry, who was Trump’s most vocal critic, and also a staunch conservative, and a man of character and courage.

I know Cruz’s strategy from the start was to never attack Trump because he believes he’ll get most of trump’s support when Trump eventually drops out, but at what point does political strategy trump (pun intended) standing up for what’s good and decent?

I’ve become more attracted to Cruz’s candidacy because ive noticed that he’s shown leadership on many issues, but this is not one of them. He should’ve said flat out that Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims is not only wrong, it’s stupid, cause any radical muslim trying to get into the US could simply claim he or she isn’t a muslim and we would have no way of proving if they’re telling the truth one way or the other.

Cruz supporters need to answer this question: What would it take for Sen Cruz to denounce Trump? If Trump came out tomorrow with a policy that advocated for infanticide or euthanasia, would Cruz say “I don’t think it’s necessary to comment on everything Trump says?”

Sorry, but you can’t just give a fellow candidate a pass on everything just because you’re trying to win over his supporters. That’s the kind of naked political calculation we’ve grown accustomed to from the career politicians in both parties that Cruz rails against, yet it appears he’s doing exactly what they do.