Ben Carson should drop out of the race immediately

I’ve said from the start that Carson is a decent man, but I liked him a lot more as a doctor and not as a presidential candidate. He had no business running for president, much like Herman Cain didn’t. Neither were qualified, and neither had any clue about the biggest issues, especially foreign policy.

It goes beyond that though. Carson is wasting millions of dollars and taking away that money and support from conservative candidates like Cruz who actually know what they’re talking about and are qualified and ready to be president.

But Carson’s latest slip up is probably the worst one yet in my eyes. He did something no conservative should ever do, and no skilled and experienced conservative candidate for president would ever do, which is accept the premise of a liberal interviewer’s question. Carson did that when he accepted the premise that “hateful rhetoric” could have caused the crazy Colorado shooter to do what he did, when in fact there’s no evidence that this was the case.

Based on the facts we have so far, the shooter is the furthest thing you can get from a Christian pro-life conservative. He tortured animals, was a peeping tom, abused his wife, and ended up killing a pro-life police officer, but didn’t even attempt to kill any PP workers or patients, which is what you’d expect someone inspired by “hateful rhetoric against PP” to do.

I know for a fact that Rubio, Cruz, and Fiorina never would’ve let this slide. In fact Fiorina already debunked this narrative earlier today in an interview. I know a lot of republicans have donated to Carson’s campaign because he’s a “good and decent man”, but that’s not enough to qualify him for the presidency. It’s time conservatives start taking this race seriously and getting behind candidates who can defend conservative principles and destroy the liberal media narratives instead of legitimize them the way Carson did today.