How big of a problem is Rubio's support for sugar subsidies?

This is actually a double problem for him wrapped in one.

Not only does it seems like he changed his position on sugar subsidies because a wealthy man within the sugar industry started donating to him, but his defense of those subsidies is really weak to put it mildly.

So it appears he’s involved in crony capitalism while also supporting a policy and principle all conservatives should be against, which is the use of federal subsidies to support various industries. Not only is it an example of big gov’t picking winners and losers, but it’s a rejection of the free market.

It will also hurt him against Hillary because the gop nominee needs to really hit her on her corruption with the Clinton Foundation and all the crony capitalism she’s engaged in over the years, but Rubio will have a hard time doing that if he has his own crony capitalist ties.

I hope he has a good explanation for this, but so far it doesn’t look good, and this is coming from someone who’s leaning towards voting for him in the primary. Cruz is my #2 choice right now, and as far as I know, he doesn’t have this baggage, so if Rubio can’t explain this away, it might be enough to cause me to switch to Cruz.

What do my fellow Rubio supporters think about this?