What Rubio needs to say at the next debate in response to Trump's attacks

Based on Trump’s media appearances over the past week, I think it’s safe to say he’ll go after Rubio at the next debate, probably regarding his financial problems and immigration. We’ve already seen how Rubio has defended himself on those issues, and so far nothing’s been able to stick.

I know he’ll be prepared for Trump’s attacks on these issues, but I have some unsolicited advice for him anyway. So here’s what I think he should say:

“Mr Trump, I was expecting that you would attack me on this issue, hoping that I’ll attack you back so that you can draw me into the kind of mudslinging and fight that you enjoy because you believe it makes you look stronger.

But I’m here to tell you that that’s not what the republican primary voters and the american people at large wanna see. They’re tired of the insults and the mudslinging, and frankly, so am I. They don’t wanna waste their time watching Republicans beat up on each other while doing the media’s and Hillary’s work for her. If a candidate has issues from their past, then let the media research it, and I can assure you they already are, on all of us.

So why would we waste our time helping them? The American people don’t wanna watch that, they wanna know what we’re gonna do to help them, and to reverse the damage done to this country by President Obama and Democrats all over the country. That’s what my campaign has been about and will continue to be about.

Mr. Trump, you can say whatever you want about me, but I’m not gonna respond in kind. But one thing I will say is this: I hear you talk a lot about how bad all the other candidates are, and you spend a lot of time insulting us and saying how great you are, but I almost never hear you talking about what policies you would implement as President to restore this great nation to what it once was.

Why is that? We’re only about 3 months away from the first primary for the nomination, and you still aren’t telling voters how you’d solve the problems our nation faces. Voters deserve to know what each candidate plans on doing on every relevant issue that comes up in politics. As candidates for the highest office in the land, we owe them that.

That’s why I’ve put out all my plans on every issue in details on my website and have explained them in depth both on the campaign trail and in speeches for the past year. I have plans, and a vision for where I believe we should go as a nation and how I would get us there, and I’m going to continue talking about those plans.

Americans want hope and they want a detailed and concrete vision for a better America, and I intend to give them that. That’s what leadership is all about. It’s creating a vision for the future and inspiring people to follow you towards that vision. So I’m not gonna waste any time getting into the gutter with Mr. Trump or any of the other candidates in this race.

If they wanna attack me, that’s their choice, but just know that those attacks have no relevance to the lives of everyday Americans who are struggling to pay their bills and wanna know what kind of person you are, if you really care about them and their needs, and what you’re gonna do about it.

I hope the rest of my fellow Republicans will join me in having a substantive debate on the issues and not spend another minute wasting the voters’ time with these trivial and mean-spirited attacks that will do nothing but help Hillary Clinton defeat the eventual Republican nominee in the general election.