Thoughts on the CNBC GOP debate part 1

This will just be a flow of consciousness style diary,  I’m just jotting down my thoughts as I’m watching the debate, and then adding anything else later on. . . . .

Kasich is desperate and way too angry. Repeating everything he’s done in his career isn’t working, people don’t care. he’s not relating to people and he’s coming off as unhinged.

carly is coming off as too angry and rushed

rubio killed it on his answers, and got the support of the crowd.

bush is losing the debate BADLY. He’s coming off as desperate and angry, especially when attacking rubio. the attack on rubio’s record came off as pathetic and petty.

Bush’s demeanor and body language shows he’s nervous and uncomfortable. The contrast between him and rubio couldn’t be bigger. Rubio is comfortable, has strong body language, and is answering the questions and attacks without missing a beat.

Cruz gave a great answer about the media when he was asked about the debt ceiling. He had a newt gingrich moment where he attacked the media and defended all his fellow republicans. he made the people doing the attacking look petty by saying we should be talking about substance. his answer on SS was also great, when he agreed with huckabee and christie

Carson gave a great answer on the cost of drugs and what can be done to bring them down. He’s coming off as calm and presidential.

Christie is having another great debate and is the only one attacking Hillary.

Bush keeps talking about his record but people dont care, he just keeps reciting the facts over and over and people dont care, he hasn’t gotten any applause all night. Carly gave a great answer on her record at HP and on crony capitalism

Rubio gave a great answer defending his financial problems, he used the question to pivot to talking about helping the average americans all over the country who are struggling to pay the bills. Then he talked about his tax plan and how it helps families

Carson gave a great answer defending his time on the board of Costco even though it’s “gay friendly”. He talked about how we shouldn’t let the left divide us and how you can be friendly to gays and still believe marriage is between one man and one woman. Then his answer defending his involvement with mannatech was brilliant. he has the best composure on the stage and didn’t seem nervous at all, he didn’t miss a beat and had an answer for every question, especially allowing the audience to defend him. This is easily his best debate and he looks much more comfortable this time.


Trump has been quiet for a while, which doesnt look good for him. His lack of substance is showing and will show even more as time goes on.

So far it’s clear the audience favors carson, fiorina, cruz, and rubio the most

Rubio gave his best answer yet in any debate in response to trump’s statement on super pacs. It seemed like it was completely off the cuff and not prepared and it attacked the media in the same sentence. I was really surprised that Trump didnt take the opportunity the moderator gave him to attack Rubio, and rubio used that chance to attack the media and take all the attention away from trump.

This may have been a turning point for rubio cause he finally threw caution and eloquence to the wind and used plain language. He called hillary a liar and said she was exposed for lying to the american people on benghazi and the media said it was the best week of her campaign. He got the most applause out of any candidate because he used his answers to relate to the audience So far this debate hasnt had many attacks between the candidates. The moderators were the focus of the attacks this time.

Rubio called Harwood out for getting the facts wrong on his tax plan and calmly explained it and why it will help the middle class. Rubio appears calm and presidential, in that regard I would say he’s tied with Carson for who appears the most presidential.

A second time the moderator brings up Trump’s past criticism of rubio on immigration and he refuses to attack him. This could hurt him with undecided voters. Rubio used Trump’s questions to talk about reforming immigration.
The moderators showed how liberal they were and really pissed off the crowd. This helped any candidate who saw the opening and was willing to bash the moderators and the liberal MSM in general, which Rubio, Cruz, Carson, and Trump did. They all got applause for it.
Christie seems to be the only candidate who’s trying to connect with the audience and the voters at home. He gave a strong closing answer.

Carson had a very strong closing answer that summed everything up neatly.

Rubio isn’t as good when he’s scripted, he’s much better in off the cuff moments.
Jeb decided to go after Rubio because he knows Rubio is his main competition for wealthy establishment donors, but it was clear his heart wasn’t in it. He even contradicted his previous campaign strategy and statements when he’s said all along he wants to run a positive and optimistic campaign, and now he’s getting into petty attacks on a senator missing votes. It was clear he was just following the advice of his advisers, which Rubio cleverly pointed out, and made Bush look weak, calculating, and foolish in the process.

Bush went negative and everyone knew why, and it probably ended his campaign.
Debate winners: big winners are carson, rubio, and cruz. Losers: [mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ], jeb bush, kasich. Didn’t move the needle: carly, huckabee, christie, trump


I realized I’ve never seen Rubio get mad in an interview or debate- not even once. He’s the closest thing to Reagan the GOP has. He’s a happy warrior, even when a debate moderator blatantly lies about his tax plan and then lies about his own correction of his previous lies, Rubio calmly corrected him and told him he was wrong, but didn’t get mad about it. I don’t think any other candidate would’ve handled that situation so calmly and without losing his temper. It’s like Reagan, Reagan never got mad, even when Carter lied about his positions or when the press attacked him for being extreme, he always had a defense ready. Maybe that’s why both Reagan and Rubio never get upset, they’re prepared for every attack and have supreme confidence in their ability to articulate their message and positions and defend themselves that they know no attack is gonna hurt them.