Should we take a second look at Christie?

I know most conservatives hate Christie’s guts, but as this campaign goes on I’m starting to like him more. I never really hated him to begin with. So I’m just curious, why do my fellow conservatives hate him so much. Give reasons other than the “hug”, which wasn’t really a hug. I’m aware of his record and some of the things he’s done as governor of NJ that aren’t the most conservative, but I wanna hear from others why they would never vote for him.

Personally, I cut him some slack because he can’t just do whatever he wants since he has both houses controlled by democrats and has to compromise at least a little if he ever wanted to get anything in his own agenda passed. In that regard he has something in common with Reagan, who as governor of California had to work with a democrat legislature and did things like expand Medicaid and enact strict environment laws.

I also think Christie would destroy Hillary in a debate, he’s already proven he’s a great debater and has a commanding stage presence. He has the necessary governing experience to know how to get things done too. He might not be as conservative as some of the other candidates, but they haven’t had to work with people who oppose them every step of the way. They haven’t been tested. Outsiders like Trump and Fiorina can and do talk a good game, but their past statements and positions tell a different story. They’ve been all over the map on many different issues, and now that they’re running for the GOP nomination, they’re telling conservatives what they wanna hear.

But where are their plans? Neither Carly’s nor Trump’s websites have any. Christie has put forward very detailed and impressive plans on a variety of subjects like education, entitlement reform, and taxes. That tells me he’s given these issues and his potential role as president a lot of thought and takes it seriously. I can’t say the same for Carson, Carly, and Trump.

Christie is the only candidate in the race talking about entitlement reform, which is arguably the biggest or at least one of the biggest and most important issues our country faces. It might not be politically popular, especially with the older republican primary voters who rely on SS and medicare, but it needs to be reformed. Where are the other candidates on this? Nowhere to be found. It takes guts and honesty to tackle issues that aren’t politically popular, so that’s another thing we should give Christie credit for.

So if you disagree with me about Christie, tell me why I’m wrong, with specifics, not just saying he’s a RINO.  He’s not my #1 choice, but I would vote for him if I had to choose between him and Trump or him and Bush.



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