Republicans need to take a class on how to debate the issue of abortion

After watching parts of the PP hearing yesterday in Congress, it confirmed what I already knew: most Republicans really don’t know much about abortion and have no clue of how to debunk liberal talking points about it, especially when it comes to the so-called “exception” cases like rape and the life of the mother.
They clearly haven’t given the issue much thought, probably cause they figure Roe v Wade is the law of the land, therefore there’s nothing they can do to stop abortion politically and they don’t wanna spend political capital on social issues. But every now and then the issue comes up, and they should understand that if you believe abortion is murder, as all true pro-lifers do, then logic dictates that there can’t be any exceptions, because murder is wrong no matter what circumstances it takes place in.
I’m a Catholic, and as a Catholic I know that the Church teaches that in general it’s always wrong to take the life of another human being, with the only exception being if it’s in self-defense. Last time I checked, unborn babies aren’t attacking their mothers in the womb, therefore pro-choicers can’t use that line of defense. So there really is no justification for abortion since we know the unborn baby is a human life. The reality I’m describing doesn’t change in the cases of rape, incest, and even when there are severe birth defects or maternal health issues.
It’s time Republicans go on the offense on abortion and put pressure on democrats to defend this injustice in all cases, even to the very extremes many pro-abortion advocates regularly defend, such as partial-birth abortion and the selling of fetal body parts for profit. But in order to go on offense, they have to know what they’re talking about, and should be armed with stories like the ones shared in the video I shared linked to above. They must show all americans that not only are women hurt the most by abortion, but choosing life is always the better option because when there’s life there’s always hope.

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