Not only is Trump not a Christian, he's a fool who should be ashamed of himself

The following are my thoughts on trump and his voters: if you plan on voting for Trump, don’t call yourself a conservative, much less a Christian. Trump recently attacked Carson for being pro-choice in the past, when Trump himself was pro-choice in the past and in truth still is today, despite what he says. So he’s basically attacking himself and his own position, which is as stupid as you can get. He’s as much of a political hack as Hillary is. Maybe that’s why they were on such good terms over the years until he ran for president.

Trump pretends to be offended by what Carson said about his faith, but he really isn’t. Everyone knows Trump isn’t a man of faith, but he’s pretending to be in order to win as much of the evangelical vote as possible, and to present himself as a better man than he really is. But he doesn’t know a thing about faith.

How can we know if he’s a man of faith or not? The Bible says “by their fruits will you know them”. In other words, Jesus was saying you can know where a man’s heart is and if he has faith by what he says and how he acts and treats others. Trump acts like a schoolyard bully, or a teenage boy with raging hormones whose parents never loved him and is out to destroy the reputation of anyone who says anything about him he doesn’t like. That’s the opposite of how a Christian with real faith acts.

No Christian should support Trump, not just because he’s not a Christian, but because he’d be a horrible president. He has no ideas about how to fix this country other than the most basic ones on immigration and trade, and he’s even more thin-skinned than Obama, and we’ve seen how that worked out for the country. You can’t have a thin-skinned man in the white house, he’ll spend all his time attacking his opponents and playing politics instead of actually getting stuff done.

It’s time we shake things up and put a man of character and integrity in the White House, one who gets results and actually has specific plans to solve our problems and a vision for how to turn our country around. I dunno who that man is yet, but it’s certainly not Trump. I’m just waiting for the clown car he’s riding in to eventually blow up in flames, at which time we can start talking about the serious issues of the day instead of who said what about Trump and vice versa. Conservative voters have entertained this reality show long enough, it’s time to start focusing on the needs of the american people and the candidates who are addressing those needs, not a reality tv star sideshow like Trump who cares only about his own ambitions and his fragile ego.