My Message to Donald Trump

I noticed that all of your attacks on people in the media or other candidates are based on popularity and poll numbers. That doesn’t make you a serious candidate for president, it makes you the political equivalent of the high school jock who bullies everyone and uses peer pressure to get people to be on his side. It turns out the cool kids in high school tend to fall apart later in life, and that’s what’s about to happen to you politically. . . . Your campaign will end up being the political equivalent of the jock or class clown who ended up selling meth or running a trophy shop.

Social status and insults can only take you so far until it becomes crystal clear even to your supporters that behind all your pomp and bluster, there’s nothing there but an angry kid who was never affirmed by his parents and has spent his entire life overcompensating for that and subconsciously looking for affirmation from everyone else by acting out.

The lesson people should learn from your presidential campaign is this: trying to be popular and doing things just to boost your own ego and status will only leave you more empty and miserable in the end. Also, Rudy Guliani was leading the polls in 2007, and we all know what happened to his campaign. I predict the same thing will happen to yours. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

We need more candidates who live their lives based on values, principles, faith, and serving others, and less like you, who care about nobody but themselves and have a skin so thin it makes paper look like an iceberg.

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