My thoughts on the GOP debates (part 2)

Thoughts on the primetime GOP debate:
-[mc_name name=’Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’P000603′ ] appeared childish and desperate, he didn’t even wait for his question from the moderator

-Carson will never do well in the debates because he just talks too slow and without passion. Debates are meant to create soundbites, and Carson speaks in paragraphs, not soundbites. He’d do better in a forum or townhall format.

-Walker’s answer to Megyn Kelly about abortion was perfect. He defended his record while challenging the premise of the question, which was that there are situations where a mother would have to die in order for her baby to survive if abortion was made illegal. Science has proven that there are no such situations. Walker pivoted back to HIllary’s position on abortion and took the pressure off of himself, which is the kind of thing a master politician does.
-Kasich gave a great answer to Kelly’s question about expanding Medicaid, but he’s too jittery and seemed a little nervous or overly excited. Voters are looking for candidates who are calm and collected and unphased by pressure situations, and that doesn’t seem to be Kasich. A president doesn’t change his demeanor under these circumstances, which was clear when you watched Bush, Clinton, and even Obama debate their opponents.

– Rubio’s answer on immigration was very impressive. It was just a smarter answer than both Trump and Kasich gave. He actually answered the question by describing the problem and made Trump look like a total fool by giving us the facts about immigration, which is that most immigrants here illegally don’t even come from Mexico, but from other South American countries.

-Christie had a great debate, his problem is the opposite of some of the others. He knows how to defend himself and give good answers, but conservatives don’t really like his answers because they don’t like him or his positions.

– In the argument between Christie and Paul, Christie won hands down. He was a man and Paul was a petulant boy. Not only did he make unnecessary personal attacks, but they didn’t even have anything to do with the topic they were debating. Also, Christie was calm and didn’t lose his cool, while Paul practically blew a gasket and started shouting immediately. I think he’ll start to drop in the polls after that performance.

-It’s clear that Rand doesn’t know how to handle conflicts of any kind, and that automatically disqualifies him from being president, cause a president has to deal with conflicts on an almost daily basis.

–Cruz has given good answers on every question so far, especially on the question of how to defeat ISIS.

-Jeb is giving good answers, but not the answers conservatives are looking for or wanna hear. Honestly I don’t see how everyone was saying Jeb had a bad debate. He gave very detailed and comprehensive answers to every question and had a command of the facts and his past record that really no other candidate besides Kasich had.

-Walker had a very underwhelming debate. His answers were very vague and short and didn’t inspire the audience at all. But like I said above, that’s probably part of his debate strategy.

-I have to admit, after the first debate, I’m not completely sure Walker is ready to be president. I’m not sure he’s thought enough about national issues because he’s focused all his efforts on winning elections in Wisconsin. Unlike Reagan, who had his own talk show and studied national issues for years before running for president, Walker hasn’t gotten out among the people or travelled the country or studied the issues, and it’s showing.

-I’m actually leaning toward Rubio right now as my #1 pick. I still don’t think he has enough experience to be president, but maybe his impressive depth and breadth of knowledge will compensate for that. He knows every issue inside and out and can explain the problems we face and the solutions to those problems better than anyone on the stage.

-Huckabee also had a great debate. He always has an answer ready which shows he’s clearly thought about every issue and how he’d solve them. He’s probably on the level of Rubio when it comes to communicating.

-Christie showed real leadership on the stage tonight. He presented his plans and a vision for the country, and wasn’t afraid to challenge his colleagues on the stage.

-My big takeaways from the first top tier debate:

-There won’t be any one winner as long as there’s 10 candidates on the stage because there simply isn’t enough time for every candidate to get their points across, and too much time passes in between the time they’re asked a question. It won’t be until more candidates drop out that there’ll be clear winners and losers because then candidates will have more time to talk, and they’ll actually have to attack each other’s records and policies.

However, there still are winners and losers of each debate. In this debate I believe the winners were Christie, Huckabee, Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich. The losers were Jeb, Trump, Carson, and Paul. Walker was neutral because he didn’t make any mistakes but didn’t help himself either.

One last point: why aren’t any of the candidates besides Christie talking about entitlement reform? It’s arguably the most important topic and problem this country faces, and nobody’s talking about it. I know it’s not popular politically, but candidates shouldn’t base their campaigns and agendas purely on what the polls are telling them voters wanna hear. That’s not leadership. I hope more candidates talk about the debt and entitlements and share specific plans on how to solve those problems, because the fate of our country depends on it.

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