Why Christians should be optimistic about the future of America

I can honestly say I’m not proud to be an American this 4th of July because of what our country has become. A country is only as great as its average citizens, and the average American has no knowledge of what built this country, nor gratitude for all the things they take for granted that probably 99% of the world’s population doesn’t have. I’m proud of our system of gov’t, our freedoms, and the generations of americans who’ve gone before us and made sacrifices so that we could enjoy the prosperity we currently do, but I’m not proud of America as it currently stands. Most Americans have no sense of patriotism or duty and only live for their next pleasure or entertainment. We could never have a draft or fight the Nazis like our ancestors did. We’re lazy, complacent, and have no values or morality. We have an overabundance of money and stuff and we’re using it to replace God, community, and family.

This post might sound bitter, but I’m not bitter or angry at all, I’m just describing what I see around me, the present state of affairs in America.

However, I’m not pessimistic for the long term future. I actually think things needed to get worse culturally and morally before they could get better. Just as the pendulum began to swing in one direction away from God, religion, and authority with the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s to what we have today, it can only swing back in the other direction once we reach a point where the culture is saturated with sexuality and the new “values” of the progressives.

Once people of faith are in the minority and have less power, then we’re no longer “the man” that the moral relativists love to hate. We become the rebels, the counter-cultural people who stand up against the status quo and stand for something.

I believe eventually the tide will turn in our favor, but only after enough Americans get sick of the excesses that come from an “anything goes” mentality and having no tradition or values. Only when they get sick of being told what to think, what pc things to say or not say, and how they can act in public will there be room both morally and intellectually for people of faith to re-enter the public square and claim a space for ourselves, and to remind everyone that this country was founded on the Christian faith.

So I’m not proud to be an American, but I’m proud of what our country once stood for, and of the Christian faith that made it the greatest country ever known to man, which can do so again if we return to it and pass it down to our kids.

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