Yes, "black culture" is to blame for the riots in Baltimore

Recently I came across an article about the situation in Baltimore, and from the title alone I knew it was 100% wrong.  Usually I don’t read such articles because it’s a waste of my time, but for some reason my curiosity got the best of me this time, I guess I just wanted to see what the latest liberal logic or explanation was for why their policies have failed in so many inner cities and why chaos still reigns in the black communities there.

My first thought was that it’s articles like this that excuse the crimes of the rioters and perpetuate the myths told by the liberal media. This article couldn’t be more wrong.  So here’s my response to this writer:


It absolutely is black culture that’s responsible for what’s going on in Baltimore, that’s plain to see for anyone who’s willing to look at the situation objectively.  Why do you think there’s so many young black men on the streets rioting?  It’s mainly because young black men and women decided to have out of wedlock births, which is the fault of both the men and women in the black community.  The men usually leave and the moms have to work and rarely teach their kids any values or how to be decent, productive, and law-abiding members of society.

Furthermore, the young boys have no male influence to show them how to be good men and respect women and authority figures, and they also have a lot of anger built up subconsciously from being neglected, usually by both parents.  The rioting isn’t about their economic situation or police brutality, at it’s core it’s about the breakdown of the black family and the lack of parenting in the black community.

Does anyone think these young black boys would be looting and rioting if they were living in a stable, two parent household?  Of course not.  For one thing, they would’ve been taught from an early age that violence is never the answer.  Secondly, they’d have jobs or would be studying and would be productive citizens, and therefore would be too busy to get involved in anything like that.  Lastly, if they had a good father in their lives, he wouldn’t have even let them be on the streets in the first place cause it’s his house and he’d have the final say over where his son is at any given time.

The whole argument about these kids not having jobs and being oppressed by the police ignores the reality I just described.  It’s the same excuse liberals make for members of ISIS and other radical groups.  “If only they had a more stable environment to live in, or had access to good jobs, they woudn’t join these radical islamic groups”, the argument goes.

It’s nonsense, because just like with the rioters in Baltimore, it ignores the root cause of why they join the groups.  They don’t have a stable family, aren’t loved or affirmed by their parents, and aren’t taught the values that protect against the kind of ideology ISIS spreads.  Without those values instilled in them at an early age, radical ideology infects their minds like a virus because they want something to belong to, to give their lives purpose, since they aren’t getting that at home from their parents or anywhere else.

In the black community in America, there’s been poverty in the inner cities for decades, but that’s not the root cause of the problem, because in America people in those communities have the chance to rise up out of that poverty, and many have over the years.  What’s the difference between the black men and women who’ve become successful compared to those who chose a life of crime, even though both came from the ghetto?  It’s almost always that the former grew up with two parents who raised them right, or at the very least a single mom who taught them how to be good and productive members of society, like Ben Carson’s story illustrates.

Many of the white immigrants who came to the US from eastern europe and elsewhere in past centuries came here with nothing and raised their kids in poverty.  They were often discriminated against, and there were few jobs available for them or their kids, but they didn’t riot or commit crimes.  Instead, they taught their kids the value of hard work, having faith in God, and respecting authorities.  More importantly, they almost always waited til they were married to have those kids, and the fathers stayed with the mothers to raise them.

Their poverty was simply an obstacle on their path to success and prosperity, not an excuse they could use to complain about the circumstances they were born into.  That poverty actually made them work harder and motivated them to make something of themselves so they could have better lives than their parents, and that’s exactly what they did.  They built this country for us, it’s why we’re so prosperous today and why we have all that we have.  It’s a shame so few kids these days are aware of that, and usually it’s because parents and teachers aren’t teaching them about our great history as a nation.

What’s the liberal response to all of these problems within the black community in our inner cities?
The writer of the above article says we need to change the policies of those local governments.  That’s not just dead wrong, it’s ironic on several levels.  First, apparently he hasn’t studied his history, because if he did, he’d realize that the policies he’s referring to have been implemented by democrats for decades, as this article by Kevin Williamson brilliantly explains.

Usually when liberals talk about changing policies they just mean throwing more money at the problems, and time and time again this has proven to make things even worse by making people more dependent on the gov’t and less self-reliant.

Secondly, even if we did change the policies so that local gov’ts actually did more to help their poor citizens, that’s completely ignoring the root of the problem, which is the parents, not the gov’t.  You can have the best policies in the world, but if those kids are still growing up without fathers and in homes that are turbulent, and aren’t being raised with any values, then those gov’t policies will have little to no effect on those kids.

The argument that “speculative real estate practices” are what’s really keeping black people down is utter nonsense.  Again, it places the blame on external forces and anything and everything but the real problem, which is in the black community itself.  Unfortunately, black people like this writer simply don’t have the courage or will to do some self reflection and confront the uncomfortable truth that the majority of the blame for what’s ailing the black community in America is the habits and behaviors of black Americans themselves.

In case anyone thinks I’m a racist or have something against black people, I also have made the case in the past that there are many problems within the white and hispanic communities as well in this country, so it’s not like black people are the only ones who need to make changes.  I’ve long argued that our entire country has been experiencing a moral and cultural decay that started with the sexual revolution in the 1960s and has only gotten worse every decade since then, and this decay transcends racial boundaries.

One can blame policies all they want, but if a black child is growing up in the inner city, yet has two loving parents who raise him right, and is allowed to go to a good school through a voucher program (which democrats currently are blocking), then that child can get a good education and take it and the values his parents instilled in him and go on to have a successful career, and then buy a nice house in the suburbs that isn’t even remotely affected by those previously mentioned real estate practices.

The writer also blames high taxes and fines that are common in the inner cities of America as a reason blacks struggle so much to escape poverty.  Well, who’s responsible for those?  Democrats of course.  But guess what?  I don’t even put all the blame on the democrats for that, because again, if children are given the best opportunities possible and having a loving and stable home to come home to every day, they can work hard and succeed, and eventually leave those inner cities and escape those heavy fines and taxes.

Also, last time I checked, it’s a lot harder for a single mom to pay those fines than a mom and a dad, but somehow the writer fails to realize this obvious fact, or simply doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

The writer says, “By avoiding the language of individual failings and degenerate culture, political leaders, black and otherwise, can help us all see the daily violence of poverty.”  He couldn’t have summed up progressive ideology any better.  It’s the victimhood and entitlement mentality in a nutshell.  I’m never to blame for my actions because there are so many external factors working against me, either directly or indirectly.  So it doesn’t matter if I burn down a building because it’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the few police who do bad things, or the politicians who create policies that disproportionately affect black people or anyone living in the ghetto areas of the inner city.  They’re responsible for the crimes I committed, not me.

It’s this mindset, perpetuated by black leaders for decades, that has justified the continuing problems within the black community, and has made their problems worse over time.  These leaders don’t attempt to solve the problems because that would actually require them to hold their people accountable, and they don’t wanna do that because they’re making a career off of blaming others and building up their street cred among the blacks who are down and out and looking for someone to blame for their problems.

If we want change in the black communities across this country, we have to do the opposite of what this writer suggests. We have to teach and preach individual responsibility and talk about the culture of death and depravity that has given rise to the absence of such responsibility in these communities.

It’s not a coincidence that black women from these communities, who often themselves grow up without a father or any positive role models, have abortions at 5 times the rate as white women.

“Minority women constitute only about 13% of the female population (age 15-44) in the United States, but they underwent approximately 36% of the abortions.
On average, 1,876 black babies are aborted every day in the United States.”

Who’s to blame for this?  High taxes and fines?  The police?  Real estate developers?  No, it’s the women who choose to get the abortions.  Yes, many are poor and are in a difficult position, but first of all, they chose to have sex outside of marriage in the first place.  But beyond that, there are other options, like abstinence til marriage, using birth control (for the record I’m for abstinence), or having the baby and giving it up for adoption.

But they come from a gangster culture that has been called the culture of death.  If you don’t respect the life of adults who can defend themselves, how will you respect the life of an unborn baby who can’t?  Obviously you won’t.  You’ll see them as an inconvenience that gets in the way of your sexual activities and are therefore disposable.

However, it needs to be said that Planned Parenthood takes advantage of these black women.  It’s also not a coincidence that they set up shop in the inner cities all over America, and it’s been well documented that they treat all women, but especially minority women, like dirt.

“Several years ago, when 17,000 aborted babies were found in a dumpster outside a pathology laboratory in Los, Angeles, California, some 12-15,000 were observed to be black.”

Liberals love to talk about all the institutions and people who allegedly oppress black people, but they never mention Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers.  You’d think they’d be all over their case for taking advantage of black women and often abusing them in the process, which was proven not just with Dr. Gosnell, but many other abortionists as well.  Thus the issue of abortion exposes their true agenda, which has nothing to do with actually helping black people improve their lives and rise up out of poverty.

So called “civil rights activists” like this writer have their own agenda.  It’s all about them, how they can profit off of the victim industry, and how they can gain influence and affirmation not only from people within the black community, but from white liberals in positions of power and influence who share their progressive ideology and can give them opportunities to increase their own influence and wealth at the cost of these poor black people.

This quote sums up the article and this faulty ideology: “The dangers of tax burdens and other unseen costs are as deadly to urban households as police brutality or fires set by “thugs.””

Nothing could be further from the truth.  Those thugs could’ve been productive members of society if their parents decided to stay together, or if their moms decided not to get pregnant at all until they were married or settled down with a man who made a commitment to stick with them no matter what.  But they didn’t make those choices, and their kids had to suffer for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not justifying what they’re doing, that’s why I call them thugs, cause that’s what they are.  What I’m saying is that they’d have been a lot less likely to end up on the path they’re on if they weren’t essentially orphaned at a young age and given no hope and no one to look up to except the rappers they watch online.

So yea, those fires are far more dangerous than taxes and fees because they’re the result of a moral disease that’s infected the black community and has spread throughout the inner cities like a virus.  Taxes and fees just involve economics, and while they may make black people’s lives harder, as I explained above, they can and have been overcome, and they’re no excuse for violence or blaming “the system”, the police, the media, or white people for your problems.

So my response to that article is yes, it is black culture that’s responsible for the riots.  It’s not politically correct to say it, but it’s true nonetheless. It’s just sad that people are afraid to say it because they’re terrified of being called racists, which they most certainly will by white liberals and blacks defending the status quo.  This is the same culture that’s glorified by all the rappers who are famous and making millions in this country today.

Who do you think all these young black men are listening to?  It isn’t their fathers, because at least 7/10 of them dont even have fathers or any male role models in their lives. It’s those rappers.  They are acting like thugs because being a thug is glorified in black culture today, and these young men are simply acting that out to try to be cool and impress their peers.  With no parents who care about them, they look to get affirmation and attention from their peers instead, so they use any opportunity they get to do so.  That’s not justifying their behavior, but it is an explanation for it.

Without any positive adult influences to teach them right from wrong, these young black men have no moral compass, and nobody to counter the narrative that being a thug is cool and it’s how their peers are acting so they should act that way too.  They aren’t being given an example of how to act that would lead them on a different path.

If they had a father in their lives like Ben Carson, I can assure you the vast majority, if not all of these young black men, wouldn’t be on the streets, because they would have an example of what they could be if they chose a different path in life.  For proof of that, look at how Carsons’s kids are living their lives.  It couldn’t be more different than the average black kid growing up in the ghetto.

The statistics back up everything I’m saying, both with regards to the out of wedlock birthrate in the inner city among blacks, and the fact that boys who grow up without a father have much higher rates of crime, school dropout, aggression, drug abuse, and more, than their peers who do have a father in their lives.

But in the end, we all have free wills given to us by God, and no matter what circumstances we grow up in, we all have a choice about how we’re going to live our lives.  We can choose to be rioters and looters and destroy, or we can be agents of change who build up our communities.

I would know because I also grew up without a father, whom I’ve never even seen.  That has made my life difficult at times, but I’ve never used it as an excuse to hurt others or give into the temptation to take the easy way out and not make something of myself.

It’s time more people speak out about what’s really going on in the black community, especially blacks within that community, because in the end, they’re responsible for their actions, and only they can transform their communities into ones that people of all races would be happy to be a part of.