Why Hillary's secret emails are a big deal, both now and in 2016

Let me start this diary off by saying how much I’m truly enjoying watching Hillary and her defenders in the media squirm as the spotlight shines brightly on her blatant lack of transparency on the issue of her email records as secretary of state.  Few politicians deserve this scrutiny and criticism more than Hillary does.  For those of you too young to actually remember her years as first lady in the White House and then even before that as first lady of Arkansas (which includes myself), I strongly urge you to watch these documentaries on the insane corruption she and Bill were involved in throughout their political careers.

In terms of the damage Hillary could do to the country as president, I would put her in the same category as Obama because she’s a radical progressive just like he is, only she’s spent a lot of time and effort to hide her true ideology, much more than Obama has.  But on the personal level, I put her and Bill in a different category than Obama.  Obama is a corrupt radical progressive who wants to fundamentally transform America, and was heavily influenced by his radical roots and the fact that he grew up without a father.  But I don’t consider him to be a sociopath.   I consider him to be a narcissist and an egomaniac, but those are two different things.   I know some conservatives will disagree with me about that.

However, I consider both Bill and Hillary to be pure evil.  That may seem like an overstatement, but it’s not.  It becomes clear after you watch a documentary that presents all the evidence of the crimes and corruption they’e been involved in over the years.  They didn’t just sell influence or take money from illegal sources, which many politicians do.  They had people killed.  Let me repeat that:   they had people killed.

Of course liberals and even some conservatives will say that’s conspiracy talk and that there’s no evidence for such a claim, but they obviously haven’t done the research.  When you do, you find out that many people who knew about the inner workings of the Clintons and either made it public or were planning on going public with it were found dead or seriously injured shortly afterwards, and their killers were connected to the Clintons every time.  This is well documented.  Whether it was the drug smuggling in Arkansas that Bill and his brother Roger were involved in, Rose Law Firm, where Hillary worked, or the AFDA, which Bill used as a means to fund his “extracurricular activities” on the taxpayer dime, there was a trail of corruption and illegal activity that followed everything the Clintons were involved in.

Bill was so obsessed with increasing his power and his goal of one day becoming President of the US that he was willing to do anything to make sure it happened, and to prevent people from getting in his way.  The problem was he had so much dirty laundry that it was nearly impossible to keep everyone silent because there were so many witnesses who had knowledge of his corruption.  So he ended up always doing one of two things:  either pay them off with money or a government job, or have them threatened and sometimes killed.  Of course Hillary was well aware of all this, and in some instances was directly involved.

Needless to say this is pure evil and criminal behavior that should’ve caused both Clintons to be in jail for many years, if not the rest of their lives.  But that never happened, and in fact they went from Arkansas to the White House virtually unscathed because Bill had already bought off or controlled most of the judges, police officers, and journalists in Arkansas, which again is well documented.  But we don’t have to let that happen again with Hillary.  We can start by telling the truth about her past and spreading the documentaries I linked to above to as many people as possible.  And we can put pressure on the GOP presidential candidates to tell the truth about her ruthlessness and sociopathic level of lying as well.

So now we come to the present day, and to the latest Clinton scandal.  You might say it revolves around the definition of what “public” is.  At least that’s how Hillary sees it.  What I’m interested in is how she’s gonna spin this.  She’s already made one initial attempt with a late-night tweet, and that pretty much was a joke that nobody took seriously.  So she and her pr team are hard at work as we speak trying to figure out how to answer the inevitable questions that will arise about this, both now and in her future campaign.

I think I have an idea of the way she’ll try to spin it because I came across an article from a liberal who attempted to defend her use of a private email server.  Instead of describing that to you, I’ll just link to the article here and let you read it for yourselves.  I responded to him and his ridiculous spin, which you can also read here.  I’m curious to know what my fellow conservatives think her spin will be on this.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

My belief is that this presidential race is ours for the taking, as long as the GOP nominee uses all the ammunition he’ll have against Hillary wisely.  We’ll be going up against a candidate who has more dirty laundry than probably any presidential candidate in history, even counting Obama.  But he’ll have to find a balance.  He can’t appear to be desperate or angry and attack her too hard on a personal level, especially because she’s a woman and will play up the gender/victim angle to the max.  But at the same time, he absolutely has to make her character and past involvement in corruption and lies an issue because it goes to the heart of what it takes to be a president and what we deserve in a president.

He has to draw a contrast between himself and Hillary when it comes to character, and in addition to being positive and talking about his own background and good character traits, that can only be done by shining a bright light on the horrible things Hillary’s done in the distant and recent past.

Regardless of how it all turns out, I can’t wait for Hillary to run because she’s so out of touch with the American people and so arrogant and elitist that she’s bound to make more gaffes and lie about her past.  Also, her dirty laundry will be aired, if not by the gop candidates directly, then by conservative super pacs.  It’ll be fun to watch the media’s coronation of a presumptive democratic nominee turn into a nightmare both for her and for the media.

Turning to the email issue, my analysis of it is the following:

Hillary Clinton absolutely broke the federal records law.  The 2009 update to that law says that all emails sent and received by gov’t officials must be preserved by their department’s official email record keeping system, even if they choose to use their own private email address to send and receive most of their email.  So in Hillary’s case, she was required to forward copies of all her private emails to her official state department email address.  Did she do that?  No.  In fact, she never even bothered to set up a state department email address, which shows a kind of arrogance, entitlement, above the law attitude, and elitism that only someone who’s used to doing corrupt and/or illegal things could have.

Since she never set up that official gov’t email address, she literally didn’t have an email address to forward her private emails to, which was the means by which she conducted all of her official state department business.  That’s why the state department had to ask her to turn over those 55000 emails she released after she left office, because they were still in her possession, stored in her private email system which she ran on a separate server located in her own home.  If she was following the law, the state dept wouldn’t have had to ask her for those emails because they would’ve already been forwarded from her private email account to her official state department email address, and thus would’ve been available to both the state department and the public via Freedom of Information Act Requests.

So it’s clear that Hillary chose not to even set up that official gov’t email address because she knew what the requirements of the law were and thus knew that by not having that gov’t email address, she could avoid turning over documents that could prove her incompetence and corruption, especially on something like Benghazi.  With all of her emails being only in her possession, she could have complete control over them and decide which ones to hide or delete and which ones to release when asked by the state department or a subcommittee, such as the one investigating Benghazi.

In fact, she may have already deleted some emails implicating her in various forms of corruption and mistakes during her time at the state department. How would we ever know if she did or didn’t?  They were never a part of the public record because they were only preserved on her personal server, which only she and her aides had access to. So she could’ve already deleted a bunch of emails and we’ll never know it or get to see the contents of those emails. And why wouldn’t she delete them?  No politician, especially one with a history of secrecy and corruption and one who wants to be president, would ever willingly release emails that show they were involved in corrupt actions or made mistakes.

That’s the key takeaway from all of this. Whether or not she’s released all of her official state dept communications is something we’ll probably never know, but the problem is that we never should’ve had to ask that question in the first place because she should’ve had them preserved on a state dept email address.  As a public official, you serve us, not the other way around, which means you don’t get to choose what official business we get to see or not see unless it’s classified, and even then, you don’t get to decided what classified business gets preserved or not, because all of it has the potential to be declassified at a later date.

The only kind of public official who does this is one who knows she’s acting above the law and has things she wants to hide from the public, things that would paint a very different picture of who she is compared to the perfect image she wants us to see of herself. It’s the kind of public official whose default way of thinking is to figure out how to cut corners and get around a law, rather than doing the right thing no matter how inconvenient it is. That’s who Hillary Clinton is, and this email scandal proves it.
Hillary’s first attempt at damage control is so blatantly deceptive and out of touch, it’s a joke.  She says she wants all her emails to be public and that she’s asking the state department to release them.  First of all, if she wanted the public to see all her emails, then why did she go through a monumental effort to make sure they were kept hidden as long as possible?  Why did she only turn them over to the state dept only after she left office, and even then only after she was asked for them?  Those are the actions of someone who desperately doesn’t want the public to see the communications she engaged in during her time as sec of state, and for good reason I’m sure.  Those emails would paint a very different picture than the one she and her pr team have been working so hard to paint all these years.

Secondly, if she makes another comment about this, someone should ask her why she has to ask the state department to release her emails in the first place.  She wouldn’t be able to give an honest answer because the answer is that she and her aides already sifted through all of her emails and decided which ones to release to the state department and which ones to keep in her possession.

She wants us to believe that the 55,000 she released are all of the official state dept communications she engaged in during her time as secretary of state.  If she really thinks the public or the media will believe that then she’s more out of touch than anyone realizes. She wouldn’t have had to ask the state dept to release her emails now if she had followed the law and preserved them on an official state dept email account to begin with.  But she chose not to do that.

Hillary went above and beyond just avoiding public scrutiny and using a simple personal email like a gmail or yahoo account.  She had someone set up a PRIVATE SERVER for her at her house.  This means that when she decides to delete an email, it’s permanently deleted, as in gone forever. There’s no trace of it, no electronic record, and no paper trail. With gmail, even if you delete an email, a copy is stored on gmail’s servers, which can be accessed by the gov’t if a request for those emails is made.

This action by Hillary screams one thing and one thing only very loudly: “I want to have the security of a private email system so I can know and be sure that everything I do and say as sec of state will be off the record, and in case I make big mistakes or do shady/illegal things, I want to make sure nobody will ever know what those things are.”

Apart from the political angle of this scandal, there’s also the legal angle.  In that regard, I believe the Benghazi subcommittee that got this ball rolling needs to dig further.  They need to not only request all of Hillary’s private emails, which they’ve already done, but also all the emails of her colleagues at the state department, as well as anyone else in the gov’t she communicated with for official state dept business. That’s one way we can find out if she kept all of the emails she had during her time as secretary of state.

If we subpoena the email records of all the people she corresponded with, especially regarding Benghazi, we can then cross-reference those emails with the 55,000 she released to the state department.  If there’s even one email that one of her colleagues received from her that isn’t in that collection of 55,000 emails, then we have concrete proof that she’s been withholding official state department emails on her own private email server and selectively releasing the ones that don’t implicate her in any cover up, wrongdoing, or incompetence.

That would be enough to bring a lawsuit against her for violating the Federal Records Act, because that act states that,

“A federal criminal law makes it a felony when any custodian of official government records “willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same.” The crime is punishable by up to three years in prison. And interestingly, Congress felt strongly enough about the crime that it included the unusual provision that the perpetrator shall “forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

These are all questions the American people need and deserve answers to, and since it’s obvious Hillary won’t answer them, Congress, the media, and conservative politicians need to keep asking them and to do whatever it takes to find the answers.  No matter how it all turns out, this scandal is a very appropriate way for Hillary’s unofficial presidential campaign to start.  It embodies everything she stands for and everything that’s wrong with Washington DC.  I can only hope that it’s the beginning of the end.


Update-  3-6-15-       The hits just keep coming for Hillary.  If this latest allegation is true, it may be the worst one yet, at least in recent times.

“According to Klayman, documents obtained in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit show Secretary Clinton and her immediate staff likely leaked classified information to The New York Times reporter David Sanger, and coordinated those leaks with national security staff in the Obama White House. To date, Department of State has “stonewalled” the release of many documents, but Freedom Watch is currently before U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit to force further release. Oral argument is scheduled early April.”

If there’s evidence to back this up, then it involves both Hillary and Obama and is a serious breach of the national security of Israel as well as our own.  I certainly will believe this until I have evidence proving otherwise because it fits with Obama’s MO on Israel from day one.  He’s even said he wants a deal with Iran to be part of his legacy and the biggest thing he does in his second term as president, but it’s beyond a disgrace that he would leak classified documents about Israel’s plans to potentially attack Iran if they have to, thus undercutting them.  All this because he’ll do anything to prove that his personal charm and charisma is enough to get a deal done with Iran and avoid a conflict between Iran and Israel, no matter how bad the deal is.

I have a feeling this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Hillary’s secrets during her time as secretary of state, the only question is whether or not they’ll ever see the light of day.