Why Scott Walker's lack of a college degree is a political advantage

I’ve been following the news lately and have been laughing at the liberal media’s coverage of Scott Walker’s college days, or lack thereof.  Most conservatives agree that him not having a college degree at the very least wouldn’t hurt him, and in fact would be more likely to help him win votes.  I hope the democrats pursue that line of attack because I think it would be a big advantage for Walker, if he decides to use it to his advantage wisely.

So I made a list of reasons why his lack of a degree is an advantage for him.  This list is by no means an exhaustive one, and I’ll probably be adding to it as time goes on and I think of more reasons.  These are just the ones I’ve come up with so far.  Anyone reading this can feel free to make suggestions or critiques of these reasons as they see fit.


1)a)It shows he’s willing to think outside the box, be independent, and not follow
what everyone else is doing

b)Shows he doesn’t care about status or titles but rather about results and getting things done, which again, is the antithesis of Obama and the political system as a whole and what we sorely need in Washington today.

2)He’s willing to go against the status quo (go to college for 4 years, get a degree) which again is what we need in politics today
3)Average voters will be able to relate to him since 68% of americans over the age of 25 don’t have a bachelor’s degree

4)His success in politics shows that you don’t need a degree to be successful in life

5)His defense of his decision to get a job instead of a degree will put liberals on the defensive and force them to defend all the negative aspects of our education system such as a)how much it costs to get a 4 year degree b)how useless most degrees are now c)the liberal indoctrination and stifling of free speech that happens on many campuses these days d)the mountain of debt most college students graduate with, and many of them have no idea what to do with their degree and end up taking low wage jobs and spend decades paying back that debt

6)Walker’s decision to get a job instead of finish his last year of college will showcase the value of hard work and a good job, because he worked hard and worked his way up the ladder from the private sector to politics.

7)It will expose the liberal elitists, who will be forced to defend their position that everyone should have a degree and those of us who dont are somehow less intelligent or informed than those who do.

8)It will play right into Walker’s hands because he can use the attack on his education to highlight his childhood background and the fact that he grew up with humble beginnings as the son of a preacher, worked at McDonald’s as a teen, and didn’t have the privileged upbringing most politicians have, including Obama, Hillary, and all the Bushes.