Lessons America must learn from France's mistakes

The following are my immediate thoughts and reaction to the terrorist attacks in France yesterday:
What happens when a country and the society it contains loses its culture, traditions, and faith, and the identity created by those things?  We’re finding out right now in France.   The antidote to rapidly expanding muslim influence in european nations like France isn’t secularism, that’s been tried and has failed.  In fact it’s responsible for creating the cultural vacuum that provided the opening for muslims to gain a foothold, and for the weakness that causes the average citizen there to be politically correct and not stand up when their rights are taken away from them.

Rather, the antidote is Christianity and a return to France’s cultural roots.  They need to rediscover their religion and their traditions and start teaching them in school to the next generation of French kids.  Without a cultural and moral foundation, a society has nothing to stand on in times of crisis and tragedy and has no intellectual basis for fighting both internal and external forces such as radical Islam and the expansion of a police state that threaten to destroy it or at least take away its freedom.

What’s happening around Europe with the expansion of muslim influence should be a warning to america, because the same thing can happen to us if we lose our faith and our cultural identity.  Muslims have a strong faith and culture, and as their population grows in a country that has neither of those, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll replace that country’s societal norms, laws, and traditions with their own.   That’s already happened in France, the UK, Germany, and Australia to some extent.

Yesterday should be a day of national embarrassment for France because of how their country has handled both terrorism and the freedoms of people who offend terrorists.  Their gov’t is doubly guilty because  a)They made  the editor of Charlie Hebdo go to court under anti-terrorism laws several years ago for reprinting the Mohammed cartoon that offended muslims and b) they sentenced one of the terrorists back in 2008 to 18 MONTHS IN PRISON for aiding a terrorist group.  If he was still in jail, yesterday’s attacks might not have happened.  Plus, they only had two policemen guarding the offices of the magazine, even though just a few years ago their old offices were literally burned to the ground.  They should’ve had at least a handful of officers who were heavily armed around that building, especially at this time since there have been car attacks recently throughout France.

So what should America take away, both in the short and long term, from all these mistakes and bad policies the French have implemented that are partially responsible for this attack?

1)Start teaching kids in public schools real American history, not the pc, watered-down, secular version they’re getting now.

2)We need to return to our religious roots just like the French do, and parents need to start instilling Christian values into their kids so they have a moral foundation to rely on once they become adults.

3)We need a president who isn’t afraid to call out Islamic fundamentalism for what it is- just a slightly more extreme version of Islam itself.  Just because there are moderate muslims around the world who don’t practice it this way, doesn’t mean the problems that are inherent within Islam don’t exist.  The next president needs to have the guts to say “the future belongs to people who DO INSULT the Prophet, not because that’s necessarily a good thing or because it should be done just for the sake of doing it, but because these are the people who most clearly represent the freedom of speech we hold dear and whom we must defend at all costs”.

4)I believe we need a new federal program that works with local governments and communities and the law-abiding muslims within those communities to find and monitor fellow muslims who have the potential to be radicalized.  Obviously this has to be done in a way that protects their civil liberties, but I believe that can be done.  Right now, what’s to stop a muslim man who’s become radicalized from strapping a bomb to himself, walking into a crowded mall or subway, and detonating it?  How would we know he’s gonna do it until after he does it?   That’s what happened with the Boston Marathon bombers.  I’ll be writing more about my ideas on this in the near future.

5)We need to improve our intelligence and monitoring capabilities to prevent terrorists who happen to be american citizens and go to fight overseas from coming back and killing people here in America.  France has a huge problem with this:

 “France, a member of the international coalition fighting ISIS, is also one of the leading suppliers of foreign fighters to ISIS and other Islamic extremist groups. The French interior ministry stated in September that about 930 of its citizens are fighting with jihadist groups, including ISIS and the al-Qaida-affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, in Iraq and Syria. France is one of a number of European nations that instituted policies last year aimed at preventing young people from traveling to the Middle East to take up arms, motivated in part by fears that these fighters could return to France to carry out attacks at home.”

In fact, we need to stop them from leaving the country in the first place.  One way we can do this is by changing our airport security measures and updating them to include profiling the way Israel has successfully done for decades.  There are many veterans in this country looking for work who are struggling to adapt to normal life after highly stressful times in the armed forces.  We could train and hire them to do this new, more sophisticated kind of profiling and kill two birds with one stone.

6)We could work with muslim leaders in communities throughout the US to come up with programs that teach muslim kids how to follow Islam peacefully and why groups like ISIS are so evil and doomed to fail.  Imams also could start programs within their mosques and muslim communities to train parents about how to teach their kids that jihad, violence against women, intolerance, etc is wrong and can’t be tolerated by muslims.  Also, they can teach the parents what to look for in case one of their kids is becoming or has become radicalized and is under the influence of a terrorist group or another radicalized muslim individual.

The bottom line as I see it is that America is in danger of becoming the next France, at least if we elect another progressive president like Obama and continue on the path of cultural and moral decline we’re currently on.  If we completely lose our identity, it won’t be too long before that identity is reshaped by a group of new American citizens who have no interest in restoring the traditions, values, and ideas that made this country great.

Instead, these new Americans will have a strong desire to reshape America in the image of their own culture and religion, and will use our own weaknesses and legal system against us.  This has happened to a seemingly invincible society before, it’s name was Ancient Rome. Barbarians waited for them to fight amongst themselves and lose all morality before they invaded them, and at that point there wasn’t much resistance.  The same will happen to us if we don’t wake up out of our complacency and carefree attitudes, only it will be much more insidious and gradual.

There won’t be an outside army that surrounds us one day and forces us to surrender.  Rather, it’ll be our next door neighbors and people we thought we knew as upstanding members of the community who will be involved in rewriting our Constitution and laws and taking away our freedom in the process.  That is, if we don’t start paying attention to what’s going on in the world around us and learn from the mistakes of France and the rest of Europe.  They lost their religion, their culture, and their laws and traditions, and by doing so, they lost the backbone and intellectual framework necessary to push back against the attempted muslim takeovers.  I hope we don’t follow in their footsteps.