How the 2016 gop nominee can use the issues of energy and immigration to win over latinos and beat Hillary

The gop nominee in 2016, whoever that might be, will have a big advantage over Hillary on the issue of energy, as long as he knows how to exploit it.  He should say the following about the keystone pipeline: obama clearly rejected this bill for political reasons because his own scientists studied it and found that building the pipeline would actually reduce co2 emissions, which is the main reason obama cited for blocking it.  The oil from canada was already being transported by trains, and that produced more co2 than it would if it was transported by the pipeline. Plus, if we don’t build the pipeline, canada already said it would send the oil to china, so that oil would still be used and the co2 from it would still be emitted, just not by us.  By using the plentiful resources we have in this country such as our oil and natural gas reserves, we can create tons of jobs, lower the price of gas, allow consumers to keep more of their hard-earned money, and break free of our dependence on despotic and radical middle east regimes for oil.

With all these benefits you’d think the president would’ve supported the passage of the pipeline bill, but he didnt because there are a vocal minority of radical environmentalists in his base that care more about the planet than about hard-working americans struggling to make ends meet who would benefit from this pipeline.  Plus, Obama really believed we should take radical steps to reduce c02 because of his beliefs in man-made global warming.  But even if you do believe that we’re causing climate change, building the keystone pipeline would actually decrease those emissions, which is your goal, isn’t it?  With Hillary you’ll get more of the same.  As president, I’ll put the american people first, which means putting jobs and the economy ahead of any political interests, even my own.
On immigration the nominee should say the following:   Don’t let Hillary fool you when she says republicans don’t care about hispanics just because we’re against amnesty.  It’s actually the other way around, we’re against amnesty because we care about hispanics, and amnesty hurts the hispanics who are already citizens here and have worked hard to become citizens and make it in this country.  What message does it send to them when we allow 5 million illegal immigrants to become citizens and get welfare and all the other benefits citizens get, without having to go through the process or do any of the work our most recent hispanic citizens had to do?  It tells them we don’t value the people who want a better life and wanna do what’s best for their family and make america a better place in the process.  Instead, we value the votes of illegal immigrants who can help one party stay in power longer.

My message to hispanics is this: the democrats don’t have your best interests at heart.  I urge you to research the issues you face in your community, then ask yourselves, how have the democrats improved your lives and your community?  The answer is they haven’t.  Look at all the major cities that are filled with crime and poverty.  They’re run by democrats, not republicans.  If you want that on a national level, vote for Hillary, cause she agrees with all of those policies and will implement them for the federal gov’t.  My message to all americans who have been citizens for their entire lives, both hispanics and non-hispanics is this: whether you agree with Obama’s amnesty decision or not, it’s hurting you and your fellow citizens.  We have the most americans out of the labor force since the 1970s, we have more poverty, more people on food stamps than ever before, lower household incomes, and low economic growth, but despite all that, Obama and now Hillary put the citizens of another country, Mexico, ahead of you.  On top of that, she doesn’t even have a plan to fix any of those problems, nor did Obama. We gave him 8 years and he didn’t have a single policy that improved any of those problems.

Don’t be deceived, Hillary and the democrats are hurting you twice.  First, they give amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, who, through no fault of their own, will end up taking your jobs and more of your taxes for their food stamps, housing, and healthcare.  Then, they don’t have any plan to help you economically, instead focusing on the social and racial issues to divide and distract you from the deceit I just described.  They have no vision for the country other than more gov’t intrusion into your life, which requires more gov’t spending, more debt, and higher taxes.  I have a vision for this country, and it will help hispanics as much as any other ethnic group .

So my message for hispanics is the following: Do you want the best education possible for your kids?  Vote for me because as president I’ll sign a bill that will get rid of the dept of education and use all the money saved from those expensive bureaucratic jobs on a national school voucher program, so every child in inner cities across the country will be able to go to the school his or her parents choose for them.  The democrats all across the country have voted to end these voucher programs, siding with the teachers’ unions over you and your children.  Meanwhile, kids in the poorest areas have been kept in failing schools because democrats like Hillary took away their choice of charter schools or any other option that’s better than gov’t schools that aren’t working.  Do you have family members in south america who you want to be with here?  Vote for me because I’ll make it easier for legal immigration to occur, especially for family members who have been separated.  I’ll make sure the border is finally secured, so there’s less incentive for people from mexico and poorer countries to come here illegally, and it’ll be much safer for those who come here legally.

Do you care about finding a good-paying job? Vote for me because I’ll do the following to get you those jobs: cut taxes, remove costly regulations for small businesses that prevent them from hiring more workers, and bring about an energy revolution that will take us from being dependent on foreign oil to being completely independent and having millions of new jobs from nuclear energy, opening up offshore drilling, building new pipelines like Keystone, and training people for new jobs from the use of solar, fusion, and other new technologies in the energy industry.  Hillary will raise your taxes to fund her gov’t programs and pet projects, and she’ll keep those burdensome regulations in place, while keeping us dependent on foreign oil to appease the environmentalists in her party the same way Obama did. Do you care about religious freedom?  Vote for me because I’ll protect it.  My administration won’t force those among you who are business owners to violate your religious beliefs by paying for insurance plans that cover abortions or abortion-inducing contraceptives, as the previous admin did.

Do you care about healthcare for yourself or a loved one who is sick and in need of care?  Vote for me because I have a plan to finally transform and fix the mess of a healthcare system in this country.  As part of this plan I would give you a HSA with $2000 in it that you could use as needed for doctor visits and any medical treatment you need, and it can be shared among family members, so if one family member is healthy and doesn’t need their $2000, he or she can transfer it to a family member who has high healthcare costs.  This also cuts out the middle man, the insurance companies, and will thus reduce healthcare costs for everyone. You could also buy insurance across state lines and shop for the cheapest plans, which would now be portable and no longer tied to your employer.  This is a radical contrast from Hillary’s plan, which is to keep Obamacare in place.  My plan puts all the power in your hands, with you making all the decisions about your healthcare. Hillary’s plan puts that power directly in the hands of bureaucrats in DC, which is where it’s been ever since Obamacare was passed through lies and deception, as Jon Gruber, it’s architect, has admitted repeatedly.

So don’t believe the lies that Hillary is telling you about how conservatives want hispanics to fend for themselves, because nothing could be further from the truth.  We have a plan to improve your lives and to help strengthen your community and your ties to it, as I’ve just outlined.  The country gave the democrats a chance for the last 8 years, and it’s been a disaster. Look at the conditions you’re living in and ask yourself how they could be improved.   Then ask yourself which candidate and which party has the ideas and policies that align with your goals and desires and are most likely to help you and your family. If you do that, I believe you’ll come to the conclusion that I am the candidate who should have the chance to earn your vote, and I’ll do everything I can to make sure I do, and that you’ll be rewarded for it.