What would God say to us if we asked Him about climate change and our role in it?

I’ve always believed God has a sense of humor just like us. The fact that many areas in the US are already having record low temperatures and record snowfalls has to be God’s way of laughing at us and saying the following:

“you silly humans think you can have so much influence on the global climate just by burning fossil fuels?  I’m all-powerful and all-knowing, so don’t you think I factored that into the equation when I created the Earth?  I knew you guys would need to burn fossil fuels to survive and even thrive, so I made sure the Earth’s climate could withstand fluctuations in various gasses and substances.  I would never have created the Earth if I didn’t make sure it could handle the end products of normal human activity that was necessary for modern civilization to be as it is today.  There was global warming and cooling before you guys even existed, and there will be as long as the Earth exists.  The temperature of the Earth has risen much higher in past eras than it has in recent times and it wasn’t catastrophic, in fact it was the time that life on Earth thrived the most because the warmer climate allowed plant growth to explode, which produced more food for omnivores to eat, which in turn produced more food for carnivores to eat.

So get over yourselves and start focusing on more important things like your eternal salvation.  After all, once you die it won’t matter what shape the earth is in cause you’ll no longer be on it, all that will matter will be whether or not you lived your life for others or for yourself, and thus whether or not you go to Heaven or Hell.  You can spend an entire lifetime trying to save the planet, but if you ignore your fellow human beings who are less fortunate than you, then you’ll lose your soul.  Take care of your soul and the souls of others first, and if you spend enough time and energy doing that, then you can use what’s left over to improve the environment.  That is, if you value your relationship with Me and where you wanna spend eternity at.”                -God