Fax Bomb Campaign: Citizens United & Anonymous Call For Special Counsel to Investigate Clinton

It was recently reported that U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) employees have contributed so much money to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign that critics are reluctant to believe the agency can handle the private email server case impartially.

The Clinton campaign has accepted approximately $75,000 in campaign contributions from DOJ employees during the current election cycle.

Bias aside, the actual case against Hillary Clinton is strong. As Matthew Vadum writes in FrontPage Magazine: “The fact that Mrs. Clinton destroyed email evidence — evidence subject to a congressional subpoena, no less — is already evidence in itself that she obstructed justice through spoliation of evidence. Spoliation means you can take as evidence the fact that evidence has been destroyed. Courts are entitled to draw spoliation inferences and convict an accused person on that basis alone.”

But, the support for Clinton in high places within the DOJ could derail a conviction. Vadum writes:

“But getting Hillary in the prisoner’s dock won’t be easy. It may even be politically impossible.

Howard Krongard, who served as inspector general for the State Department from 2005 to 2008, predicted earlier this year that Clinton’s case would ‘never get to an indictment’ even if the FBI referred her case to the DoJ for prosecution. He said the case would have to go through ‘four loyal Democratic women,’ including Lynch, senior White House adviser Valerie Jarrett, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, and Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell, who runs DoJ’s criminal division.”

Some are calling for the appointment of a special counsel to handle Clinton’s case. Citizens United president David Bossie is among them. Bossie told the Washington Free Beacon:  “Today, I renew my call that Attorney General Lynch must appoint a special counsel to determine if Hillary Clinton or her agents broke the law and compromised our national security,” adding that, “this investigation needs to be conducted free of political influence once and for all.”

In March, Anonymous launched #OpHillary, a research and education-based project that does not involve hacking. Initiated by An0nKn0wledge, #OpHillary is demanding a special counsel be appointed to handle Clinton’s case. The op also seeks to generate more opposition to  Clinton’s run for the presidency by the release of a massive compilation of articles and videos which span the years of Hillary Clinton’s political career. Anonymous hopes that by providing all (or most) of the evidence against Hillary Clinton, conveniently amassed in one location, people will be informed or reminded of just how corrupt Hillary Clinton is. #OpHillary fully supports the indictment and conviction of Hillary Clinton.

A communication from the hacktivist group states:

“Greetings, we are Anonymous. This is an open message to you, Hillary Clinton. We know what you and your people stand for and we do not forget. It seems lying has become second nature to you. Or, should we say your only nature?”

It goes on to say:

“It’s over, Hillary. Your presidential run ends here and your prison run begins. We demand that the FBI indict and imprison this career criminal. In the next couple of weeks, we will be campaigning with a Fax Bomb Campaign. We urge people to call, email or fax their senators and representatives and demand that a special counsel be appointed.

We Do Not Forgive, We Do Not Forget, You Should’ve Expected Us.”

A White House petition is also being circulated, which asks that a special prosecutor be assigned to Hillary Clinton’s case.  You can also view Anonymous’ video, Message to Hillary Clinton.

The following links are just a sample of the information gathered:

New information recently obtained reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton were the recipients of at least $100 million from Persian Gulf states and their leaders. This information was uncovered by a Daily Caller News Foundation investigation. The ability to successfully negotiate sound Middle East policy is an important function of the office of the Presidency–but this latest disclosure gives the impression that Hillary Clinton has been paid in advance for expected services to be rendered.