Killed in Airstrike: Top ISIS Hacker On Pentagon Hit List Who Threatened Attacks on US Military

Twenty-one year old Junaid Hussain, the notorious ISIS hacker from Birmingham, UK who masterminded the terrorist group’s online war, was killed in a US drone strike earlier this week.  Hussain is also linked to the Garland, Texas, draw Mohammed attack. Number three on a Pentagon kill-list, only Jihadi John and ISIS leader al-Baghdadi are higher value targets.

Hussain, who also operated under the alias Abu Hussain al-Britani, did some time for stealing personal information on Tony Blair.  Together with his wife, a former punk rocker, they were dubbed ‘Mr & Mrs Terror’.  Mrs. Terror, Sally Jones, is 45, a convert to Islam and a mother with a young son. Eventually, she moved to Syria with her child and now leads a violent all-female ISIS brigade.

According to CNN:

“Several U.S. officials confirmed to CNN that the drone strike was specifically targeting Hussain traveling in a vehicle in Syria after the U.S. got intelligence on where he was and watched him to confirm his presence before striking.”


“Hussain is described by U.S. officials as a high-value target in ISIS.

“This is a great intelligence success,” one U.S. official told CNN.”

Hussain was involved in circulating the hit list of addresses and pictures of US military personnel, which was assembled by fellow members of the Islamic State Hacking Division. As for his part in the Garland attack, the authorities believe Hussain inspired one of the gunmen to launch the attack by radicalizing him via private messaging.

CNN reports that, “Hussain’s death would remove the most prolific of all of ISIS’s English-language propagandists, according to CNN terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank. In recent months, Hussain has incessantly called for attacks in the West over Twitter, as well as groomed potential terrorists in Western countries over encrypted online messaging apps, such as ‘Surespot,’ Cruickshank said.”

Prior to his involvement in the Garland attack, Junaid Hussain had an extensive history of black hat hacking and went by the pseudonym “TriCk.”

At the time of his death, Hussain’s gang of nefarious hackers were embroiled in a digital spat with Operation ISIS (OpISIS), a counterterrorism collaboration between Ghost Security (GhostSec) and Anonymous hacktivists. During the first week of August, “a representative for a pro-Islamic State hacking group issued a chilling warning to members of the U.S. military and government Wednesday, promising that ‘very soon’ followers of the organization would retaliate for overseas bombing targeting the terror organization,” according to The Blaze.

He went on to slam OpISIS, saying, “Anonymous, GhostSec, CtrlSec who are apparently ‘hackers’ against IS, till date they have hacked nothing, they are all talk.” The representative continued, claiming that “the only thing they can do is report twitter accounts and DDoS websites for 5mins.”

GhostSec returned fire by reminding the terrorist hackers how they had shut down more than 130 terror-related websites, 1,300 YouTube propaganda videos and roughly 59,000 Twitter accounts associated with ISIS and other terrorist organizations.

GhostSec Co-Operations Director, DigitaShadow spoke to TheBlaze about the digital duel:

“They are technically outmatched and they can not hope to win this war. We will not relent until the last daesh is held accountable for their crimes against humanity. If it takes months or years we will be there every step of they way to ensure their defeat.”


“If you believe that you can persecute and murder innocent people based upon their religious beliefs, sexuality or for exercising their right to free speech than you are wrong. The free world stands behind us and your inhumane ethics or twisted ideology will not be tolerated.”

Test us and you shall fail.”

Additionally, WauchulaGhost, GhostSec Co-Operations Director, quoted the group’s motto: “Every innocent life that the Islamic State takes only serves to strengthen our power and determination. Those whom are lost have become a part of us.”  He added: “We will fight this battle ’til the Islamic State is destroyed. We will not give up and will not be defeated.”

Also in response to the Islamic State hackers, GhostSec released a video which should remove any doubts as to the group’s intentions.  You can check out the video here (contains some graphic content).