American Sniper Breaks Box Office Records As White House Petition For Chris Kyle To Receive Medal of Honor Circulates

Born and raised in Texas, Christopher Scott Kyle was a U.S. Navy SEAL from 1999 to 2009. He is the most successful sniper in American military history. According to his book American Sniper, he is credited with 160 confirmed kills.

Kyle served as a Navy SEAL in 4 tours in the latest Iraq war. For his bravery and military skills, he was awarded some of the most distinguished medals available, on multiple occasions, including the Bronze and Silver Star.

Known as the “Devil of Ramadi” by insurgents in Iraq, a bounty was offered for his head. He was shot twice, in addition to involvement in six IED attacks. After surviving all of that, on February 2, 2013 Chris Kyle was murdered by a U.S. military veteran at a shooting range in Texas.

Kyle’s book has been made into a movie—a movie which has become the focus of a lot of controversy. The following are just a few of the numerous headlines negatively targeting the movie, ‘American Sniper’:

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Despite all the criticism directed at the movie, ‘American Sniper’ set a new record for a January movie release. Movies make most of their profits Fridays through Sundays. In its opening weekend, including the Martin Luther King Day holiday on Monday, ‘American Sniper’ made $107.2 million, setting a new record for a January movie release.

The successful run continued this past weekend. The Clint Eastwood-directed movie earned $64.4 million and beat out the weekend’s three wide releases to stay at the top of the box office. CNN Money reports:

The movie may go on to beat 2004’s ‘The Passion of the Christ,’ which currently ranks as the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time.


‘We continue to rewrite the record books,’ said Dan Fellman, the president of Warner Bros. domestic distribution.


One sign of “American Sniper’s” strength is the relatively small week-to-week drop-off in ticket sales. Movies like “Sniper” regularly see a 50% to 60% decline in week two. But the fall in ticket sales between the first and second Friday was only 40%.

Translation: “American Sniper’ is still generating lots of interest.

Fellman said it was ‘the least percentage drop of any film that opened to an $85 million weekend or better.’


Cooper was nominated for best actor, and the movie was nominated for best picture.”

The movie is also on track to make $200 million in its first ten days of nationwide release, a feat matched by only a few R-rated films in Hollywood history.

A White House petition has been initiated on behalf of Chris Kyle. The petition reads:

“We The People of The United States of America respectfully request the recognition of Chris Kyle, by awarding him with the Congressional Medal of Honor, posthumously. For his four tours to Iraq which saved hundreds and possibly thousands of US soldiers lives. Saving these US soldiers lives have impacted thousands of families. For his dedication to freedom, his love of Country and his courageous service as a Navy SEAL sniper. Serving his country without question, whatever was asked of him, serving his fellow servicemen, unselfishly, up to and including his untimely death. Please consider this request as a final tribute to his outstanding example of patriotism and definition of unselfish service. Sincerely We The People.”

You can sign the petition at this link

If you haven’t already, you may wish to view the trailer for American Sniper.