A Little About Eight-Year-Old Martin Richard, Killed in the Boston Terror Attack

The 8-year-old boy who was mercilessly killed at the Boston Marathon has been identified as Martin Richard.  Martin was in attendance in order to watch his father race; he was waiting at the finish line so that he could give his father a hug.

Martin was accompanied by his mother, brother and sisters. After the explosions, his mother and 6-year-old sister were taken to a hospital to be treated for serious injuries. It has been reported that his mother underwent surgery for an injury to the brain and his sister suffered the loss of a leg.

Friends of the family congregated together at a Dorchester Restaurant on Monday night.  Martin’s father, William Richard, has been described as a Dorchester community leader. “They are beloved by this community. They contribute in many ways. That’s why you see this outpouring,” Ayanna Pressley, City Councilor at Large, said. “It’s surreal, it’s tragic, it’s incomprehensible. Everyone here tonight is trying to comfort one another and be prayerful,” she added.

The Richard family resides in the tight-knit Ashmont-Adams neighborhood where both of Martin’s parents are well-known for being for their civic involvement. Bill served as board chairman of the St. Mark’s Area Main Street group as well as having been one of the catalysts behind the transformation of Peabody Square. The family is also involved in little league baseball, soccer and their church, St. Ann’s parish, in Neponset.

Jim Keefe, a close friend of the family, who also lives in the Ashmont area, was also at the marathon; his two sons, Nick and James, ran in the event.  Jim explained that his son Nick had just crossed the finish line on Boylson Street when he, “heard this earth-shattering boom. I turned and saw this plume and then I heard a second boom, just as loud and earth-shattering.” He also communicated that he, “almost blacked out from fear.”

Martin Richard is being remembered as an exuberant boy who enjoyed running and climbing.

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