New Direction for the GOP Begins at the Local Precinct Level – Conservatives Needed to Run for Office, Volunteer

Anger and frustration continue to mount as Americans express alarm at the direction in which the country is headed.  In order to turn the tide and boost mid-term and general election results, conservatives must significantly increase political activity at the local level—the precinct.  As the precinct leader, the committee person (or captain) is the only party official directly elected by voters.  An individual serving in this capacity is the primary contact between voters, candidates and elected officials; the precinct committee person votes directly for the leadership of the party.

What are the responsibilities of a committee person?  The following is a general checklist which may vary depending on the precinct:

  • Elect a precinct captain to assume overall precinct leadership.
  • Divide your precinct into geographical areas and assign portions of the precinct to each precinct committeeman.
  • Recruit precinct volunteers and assign specific blocks (or areas) to them for door-to-door and telephone work.
  • Have registration forms available in your precinct. Regularly check for newly moved-in Republicans and also for families who will have members turning 18 years of age before the next election.
  • Maintain up-to-date records of the current Republican residents of your precinct.
  • Attend precinct meetings. These are called for updating records, planning strategy and other organizational purposes.
  • Attend district and or county Republican meetings. These will be great places to share information and ideas.
  • Assist your precinct captain in recruiting election board workers.
  • Assist your precinct captain in establishing election day GET-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) committees and a Precinct Election Headquarters.
  • Distribute election information and candidate literature to the voters in your precinct.

How effective is this strategy?  Well, Obama utilized it successfully against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries.  According to The Precinct Project, Obama and his backers “came out of nowhere to defeat the complacent ‘powers that be’” in the Democrat Party.

Many of the Republican Party precinct committee person slots, across the nation, are unfilled.  Of the 400,000 slots nationwide approximately 200,000 are vacant. This represents a huge opportunity for conservatives.

So, in summary, a precinct committee person is tasked with helping to grow the party and with delivering the maximum number of votes from their precinct, on Election Day. If you would like to volunteer at your neighborhood precinct or run for office, visit the following website for local information:

American Hometowns – Cities, Counties, and Towns

You can also visit the following website (parts of which are under construction) to learn more about becoming a committee person, grass roots activism, how government works, pending legislation and more:

Winds of Liberty

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