let's use our own "judgement"

This election is not about how many homes that different politicians own, if it was then you wouldn’t have any currant Senators who would “qualify” to be President. Barrack Obama likes to believe that he has the moral edge on “judgement”, well let’s have a quick overview on his “judgement”.

-Obama supports late term abortion-Obama believes in appeasing rogue nations and dictators who believe in the demise of democracy.-Obama believes in higher taxation for all and a redistribution of wealth.-Obama’s message of “change” is getting rather convoluted when his VP pick is part of the “problem in washington”; Obama’s own words for long serving Senators.-Obama knows he is loved in Europe, and he made time for 200,000 Germans, but couldn’t take an hour to visit wounded U.S. troops.-William Ayres, Rev. Wright, Rev. Fleger, Tony Rezko, Rev. Farakhan………have I left anyone out?-Barrack Obama and his wife share the same views and values; “for the first time in my adult life I am proud of my country”.

These are just some of the points of view this man has that should be sounding alarm bells in every American household.

Barrack Obama will create an economic depression the likes of wich has never been seen, foreign and domestic investment will evaporate overnight! His plan for a “windfall tax” will kill domestic exploration for oil, and he has no wish for nuclear power, which is the safest and most cost effective means of power generation in the world.The two fastest growing economies in the world, India and China, have over 60 new nuclear power plants combined that will come online in the next 15 to 20 years, and how many people know that Canada holds the world’s purest and most extensive supply of Uranium in the world!Europe is soft and spineless except for the U.K. who share our concerns about terrorism. Signs of optimism are strong in Pres. Sarkozy of France and German Chancellor Merkel, however I still don’t see German troops laying their lives on the line for freedom in Afghanistan, and a new threat: The Russian Bear is awake! How will Captain Appeasement(Obama) tackle that issue? The new Nato members of Eastern Europe must be defended against Russian aggression and designs on the rebuilding of their empire, and Barrack Obama just doesn’t have the “kahunas” for it. What’s the point in having a foreign policy “tiger” like Sen. Biden if you won’t unleash him? It’s clear that Sen. Biden is there for show, as he clearly is not there to boost the image of “change” that Barrack would have us believe!

One final note;

Barrack Obama has been endorsed by the terror group Hammas, John McCain would never accept, or be given an endorsement by any terror group!

There is only one choice for President and his name is John McCain!