SEIU's dirty tactics exposed

Earlier this week, the SEIU was forced to release an internal “contract campaign manual” as part of an ongoing lawsuit against the union. Usually that type of document would have slipped under the radar, if not for the watchful eye of Vincent Vernuccio from the Competitive Enterprise Institute and WorkPlaceChoice.org. Pouring over the document, he discovered the wide range of dirty tactics explicitely advocated by SEIU’s management for their “campaigns”.

Not that it would really surprise us at CampaignsReport mind you. After writing for more than a year about the underlying mechanisms behind reckless unions’ corporate campaigns, there’s not much to chock us coming from SEIU. Still, the article is good introduction to the reckless, immoral and borderline illegal ways of SEIU. For a full read head on to the Washington Times or WorkPlaceChoice.org:

Vernuccio: Labor’s new strategy: Intimidation for dummies

SEIU’s intimidation manual exposed