Liberals Teaching Kids, From a 14 Year Old, PLEASE READ

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE CONCERENED ABOUT THE FUTURE OF AMERICA AND THE CHILDREN!!!!! I was in English class last period and we were talking about why people come together for causes. My teacher asked for an example; a student raised his hand and mentioned 9/11. The student said that the reason Americans conformed after 9/11 was hatred for the Islamic People. The teacher immediately agreed and expanded. At which point I raised my hand to argue the OUTRAGEOUS untruth. The teacher blew my idea off disagreeing and asking the student to expand. I explained to the teacher and the rest of the class that the reason Americans congregated is out of love for our country. We also grouped together to defend our country from a radical sect of Islam. The teacher and student both disagreed and were critical of my point. This is disgraceful and harmful. American hating liberals are teaching our school and it’s absolutely sickening. I am going to discuss this issue with our more Conservative principal. Hopefully there is one educator who realizes who Americans are, country loving and defending people, not hate-mongering racists.