The Liberal War on Science

Many in the media, including some newspaper editorial pages, refuse to broadcast or print information that challenges and in some cases refutes arguments about global warming, claiming it is “settled science.” It is nothing of the kind, as any open-minded person can see by a simple Google search.

This is about government gaining more control over the lives of its citizens. Already they are in our bathrooms, our cars, our light bulbs and like so many other recent controversies, this is a dishonest disagreement about how society should be organized. For liberals (and far too many Republicans), businesses should be de facto, if not de jure, extensions of government: If something is desirable, businesses should be forced to do business with people they don’t want to do business with. But American businesses don’t believe in cigarette bans. They don’t believe in racial quotas.

For a party that professes to hate war, Democrats consistently use it as metaphor in framing their issues – the war on tobacco, the war on racism, the war on women, the culture wars, class warfare, and even the war on war. And the latest War Without End, Forever, Amen, is on carbon, all the while the Democrats try to score political points by portraying the GOP as the Party of War. It’s a form of historical chutzpah, actually.

Since our disappointing forays into Afghanistan and Iraq, however, Republicans are being portrayed as war-mongers itching for military involvement at the slightest provocation. It is another rewrite of history, like that of underplaying the role of the federal government is strictly limited by the Constitution? If you answer yes, you believe in the America of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc. If you answer no, as I presume Obama and [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] would truthfully answer, then you want to overturn the founding principles of American government.

Republicans in the House work to overturn the ecofascist Agenda 21 — one of the most effective and deceptive spells hell has cast on humanity today. The late Keith Green had incredible insight when he penned some sobering words concerning Satan. The song “No One Believes in Me Anymore” is a narrative from the viewpoint of Satan concerning his own existence. He describes how easily he is gaining power by the hour because no one believes in him anymore. Satan is most effective when he is not acknowledged or believed in, and he knows it. Never forget: It’s impossible to defeat an enemy that you refuse to admit exists. Thank God that much of the church is still filled with believers — people who still believe in the Bible. Those who scoff at the existence of a greenhouse effect.

Henry Paulson posits an interesting analogy between the economic crash of 2008 and a coming climate crash — unless the US institutes a carbon tax without delay. To my simple mind, imposition of such a tax would delay recovery of economic growth, kill jobs, and hurt low-income households. But my expertise is my own; I cannot tell whether Mr. Paulson’s policies of injecting huge amounts of public funds into a few hand-selected companies run by his associates helped the recovery or delayed it. But we know which experts to listen to.

Similarly, I suspect that Mr. Paulson has little expertise in atmospheric science and has been talking only to climate alarmists. He even mixes up his facts. Observed temperatures are not “catching up with … models.” Quite the opposite: Climate models calculate a warming trend that grows as the level of atmospheric level of carbon dioxide increases; but there hasn’t been any warming now for at least 15 years — with the temperature disparity growing larger year by year. Perhaps Mr. Paulson should get a second opinion.

Most economists agree that a modest warming (of 2-3 degC, or 3-6 degF) would be beneficial, especially for agriculture: a longer growing season, fewer frosts — plus the boost from higher levels of CO2. In fact, agriculture got its start during the early Holocene, about 10,000 years ago, when it was much warmer than today.

Given Paulson’s careful and deliberate choice of words, I believe it would be very helpful if he could give us specific definitions to some key words and concepts, unless, of course, his goal is to stir up people’s emotions without any reference to truth.