Cultural Vertigo and Christian Persecution in America

Real Americans marvel at the vertigo our culture would now induce in men who breathed air a scant century past. Oh, the machines we have set into motion and the devils we have unleashed on an unsuspecting Universe! And while tethering one’s soul to a meteorite entitles one to a dizzying panorama of burning horizons, such vistas accompany the fleeting perspectives of itinerancy; and with these, a shabby vagabond morality reserved for those whose only loyal companions are an insatiable taste for the vulgar and the gnawing passion to bring to fruition that sterile El Dorado — that utopian hallucination that refuses to take form and vanishes like a ghost in the millisecond between sleep and wakefulness.

Contemporary Man’s self-engineered blessing has boomeranged into a sevenfold curse, stripping him of whatever dignity he had retained following his emergence from the acid baths of the Enlightenment and the slums of Post-Modernity. Having been perpetually harangued by our “betters” that the metaphysics our fathers girded their lives with were no more than fables shrewdly applied for our control, Modernity’s melancholia for a now-vacant heaven was replaced in due time with a procession of ambitions and appetites more worthy of the self-creating palate. As man’s obsession for philosophic mastery over the Sphinx-like confidences of the Universe lay flayed open into discreet parts — its resulting wreckage utterly mute to the question of human purpose, Deconstruction’s shallow and cynical reduction of truth to a “will to power” would accept no authoritative verdict but its own acrid solipsism. Indeed, any humanist creed is by nature reflexively antagonistic whenever the subject of an intended destination for Homo sapiens is even casually entertained. The long knives of the intellectual class are ruthlessly flashed when the slightest aromatic whiff of otherworldliness enters their exacting nostrils.

Perhaps it was foretold by some intoxicated philosopher-prophet that when a civilization’s gods and heroes come crashing down and the leadened skies no longer answer, liberation would be the sole avenue remaining for humanity in crisis. Many would hold that man is inherently an amiable savage and that lifting his restrictions allows that natural gregariousness to flourish; and that he is weak on national security. And wagging the dog by sending 3000 troops to fight Ebola will do little to change that perception.The surprise victory of Republican [mc_name name=’Rep. David Jolly (R-FL)’ chamber=’house’ mcid=’J000296′ ] for a congressional seat in Florida has given new life to voters who had been depressed about the power of the federal government is strictly limited by the Constitution? If you answer yes, you believe in the America of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, etc. If you answer no, as I presume Obama and [mc_name name=’Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000146′ ] would truthfully answer, then you want to overturn the founding principles of American government.

I believe in constitutionally limited government.

Yet, it is this commitment that is most responsible for the insults, name-calling, ad hominem attacks and extremist labels hurled at me every single day by people who consider themselves “mainstream.”

I have a problem with that.

Here’s another good example of how very non-mainstream the Democrats and their cultural comrades operate.

All this president ever wanted was “hope and change.” He “hoped” that he could sit cross-legged around a solar-powered heat source, sing “Kumbaya” with world leaders and they would all be friends. Then, with the money saved from his defense budget, he could “change” our economy from one based on work and reward to one where the government provides every need. Life really is unfair!

As per that 2013 speech, Obama tried to discipline his actions to the point of inaction. He also tried to disciple his “definitions.” The “global war on terror” was changed to “overseas contingency operations.” Acts of terror became “man caused disasters,” and the massacre at Fort Hood was deemed “workplace violence.”

Which bring us to what appears to be the abysmal failure of his presidency could not have been brought about inadvertently by the worst bunch of bunglers imaginable. The protestations of Obama detractors that he is “disengaged,” “out of touch,” or that his Middle East policies led to the rise of the MBs in Egypt – the very people who helped him rise to the top for his own financial gain. This sort of “toe-stepping” is only the beginning of Obama’s direct attack on religion.

We are already seeing regiments of Obamaites prosecuting smaller and smaller business owners who invoke the First Amendment to our Constitution prohibited the new government from infringing on the religious liberties of anyone. But the point is, America is unique in having been founded by members of two religions fleeing persecution for their beliefs.

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