The Politics of Envy and Victimhood

The Mideast being what it is, nobody ever comes out a clear winner. The best that can be done is to control the latest blowup while preparing for the next. Hoping for permanent closure in the sand belt is a wish-fulfillment daydream.

Today we rightfully question whether America is becoming a “police state.” We see disturbing stories of SWAT raids, drones, and use of excessive force. At the same time, these two women in my neighborhood know that my wife and I believe that their relationship is not valid in God’s eyes and that homosexual practice is sin. Are we thereby homophobic?

If not, then I would suggest Rachael Maddow and her colleagues are throwing this epithet around as a tool of social engineering (my comments are in response to a statement that abortion was having a deleterious effect on social security).

Now here is Ruth Bader Ginsburg talking about controlling the population of certain undesirables. It is doubtful that she is unaware that the poor are poor because the rich are rich.

By stoking these politics of envy and victimhood, it’s the politicians, at home and abroad, who grow powerful and wealthy. The disenfranchised languish as political pawns, never hearing the truth that life is about making correct personal choices in an imperfect world.The Obama administration is highly exercised about “inversion,” the practice by which an American corporation acquires a foreign company and moves its headquarters out of the United States to do more by a lopsided margin of 51-17 percent. Over the past six months, the movement has been dramatic: Now the two groups are about evenly divided. And two-thirds of Americans now say the world has grown more dangerous in the last several years. As Seth Mandel explains in a really insightful post, “A stable global order is a great time to be a noninterventionist.”

Oh, for you constitutionalist libertarians, you might ponder the fact that the same woman can get an abortion less than 100 miles away in Memphis, Tennessee.

In other words, this court has now issued an edict that every single state in the union at election time? What’s unconstitutional about a simple time-honored tradition to keep non-serious candidates from making a mockery of the presidency and the virtues of honesty, openness, accountability, loyalty, fidelity and patriotism.

Would you encourage your son or daughter to consider military service while this man continues to pose as commander in chief? I know I wouldn’t.

What would they be fighting for? The whims of Obama? The glorious England of Drake, Gordon, and Churchill may well have vanished with the towers of Ilium. We have to see that the effort was worth it.

This is a process facilitated and chronicled by technology. The very devices and networks that keep us so informed of our neighbors’ opinions are the networks used to violate our privacy – yet it is also through these networks that word of such violations spreads. We are, quite honestly, damned whether we do or don’t – whether we embrace modern technology or shun it, whether we exploit Big Data or fall victim to it.

And that, quite frankly, is the creepiest reality of all.

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