An Open Letter To Gov. Romney

Dear Governor Romney,


First off, I am a supporter of yours. I was not behind you for most of the primaries, but after the consequential Illinois primary, being a good little soldier, I rallied to the cause. I have examined your record, and, once taken into account your political surroundings in Massachusetts, I have come to the conclusion that it is fairly Conservative, thus leading me to believe that, at your heart, you are a Conservative. In fact, I wrote a piece on that same subject on this very same blog about two months ago, entitled “In Defense of Mitt”. I have determined that since your record is sufficiently Conservative, your platform is the most Conservative since Mr. Reagan’s in 1980, and you are significantly better than the opposition, that not only will I support you, but I will also do whatever it takes to get you elected.

Now that we have established my credentials as a loyal and dutiful defender of the Republican party and Conservative cause, much less a loyal Mitt Romney fan, it is time for a stern warning. I believe that I speak not only for myself, but for all Conservatives when I say this: You had better not let us down. We will not be taken for granted. The future of this party and this country has been placed in your hands.

Senator Coburn is right: if we gain power this November, and you, along with a Conservative Republican congress, fail to seize the mandate and do big things with this country, things that Conservatives want you to do, then you will have given us, and the rest of the American people, no reason to trust you or this party. You will spell defeat for this party and for the country. You must govern as the Conservative you say you will be. You must actually shrink Government. You must actually sign on to the plans proposed by Conservatives like Paul Ryan. You must enact entitlement reform. You must seize the moment and enact fundamental tax reform. You must look at our monetary policy and attempt to strengthen it. You must govern like a Conservative, or we will come for you come 2016. We won’t be fooled again. Consider yourself warned.


Your friend and fellow Conservative in the fight,

–Toby Calvert-Lee