President Rick Perry (2013-2021)

I have been waiting months for this day. Today, the next president of the United States entered the fray, Texas Governor Rick Perry. He is one of only two candidates actually running on the idea of Conservatism, and he is the only one with executive experience. He, unlike our Radical-In-Chief, Pres. BO, is an alpha male who will once again remind the world that they should fear us, and will make our enemies shake in their boots while emboldening our allies. He will once again put the word of God in our national debate, and he will stand resolute in the face of the liberal attack machine. aka the Mainstream media. He, as governor, has espoused Conservative values and run one of the most Conservative governments in a long time, proving that Conservatism works. I daresay that with todays announcement, Rick Perry just became the next POTUS.

His announcement, like his governance, was unmistakably Reaganesque. Reagan famously quipped “A recession is when your neighbor loses their job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.” Rick Perry similarly stated “Page one of any economic plan to get America working is to give a pink slip to the current resident of the White House.” Ronald Reagan repeatedly said that America’s best days didn’t have to be behind her. He proved to be correct. Rick Perry said  “It’s time for America to believe again. It’s time to believe that the promise of our future is far greater than even our best days behind us.” Very similar. Ronald Reagan repeatedly said that America was filled with great people and that the Washington “geniuses” were the problem. Rick Perry said today “And I know something: America is not broken. Washington, D.C., is broken!” Rick Perry is incredibly Reaganesque. He will make an incredibly great president. As a side note, he will not be the “next Ronald Reagan”, just as Ronald Reagan was not the “next Calvin Coolidge”.

Addressing the Critics

 As with all Conservatives, there are two groups of critics of Governor Perry. The people to the left of him, and the other Coservatives who support other candidates. I’ll address the crtics on the left first.

Those on the the left and/or middle of the Republican Party criticize Rick Perry as looking and sounding like George W. Bush. This is a ridiculous argument. Bush never called himself a Conservative, but of course Perry has. Bush was born in New Hampshire and lived on a blue-collar gentlemans ranch. Perry was born in Paint Creek, Texas, the son of tenant farmers. The two men are quite a bit different, both in politics and in personality. They call Perry a “cowboy”. This is just proof of the left’s anti-americanism. Cowboys are the epitome of America and all she stands for. Whats wrong with our president being a Cowboy?

Now to address the concerns of Perry’s critics on the right. Most of these critics are Paulbots or Palinites, so dedicated to their candidates that anyone else must not be a real Conservative. I won’t even bother to deal with the first set of critics, seeing as their candidate is crazy as all get out. Now for the Palinites. They have been going around and around about his “weak immigration record”, the gardasil “mandate”, and the trans-texas corridor.  His immigration record, with the exception of his support for the DREAM act, has been incredibly strong. He has called on the feds to do their job and protect the border, and he even touched on the subject during his announcement speech. His views have evolved on immigration to where they are today as being fully supportive of legal immigration but firm on closing the border. And no, it was not so he could run for president. He evolved into these views over a year ago, long before he considered running for president. To quote, Rush Limbaugh “You’ll never see Rick Perry support amnesty. He used to be weak on that but now he’s not.”

The gardasil issue cannot be forgiven, but no candidate will ever be perfect. The trans-texas corridor has been blown competely out of proportion, seeing as when he first intorduced the bill, he paired it with a bill that would have protected people against abuse of eminent domain. Of course that was looked over by the paulbots when attacking Rick Perry. The fact of the matter is compared to cap and trade Pawlenty, medicaid part D/SCHIP Santorum, Green Newt, bats*#@t crazy Paul, liberal Huntsman, ObamneyCare Romney, unreliable Palin, and inexperienced Bachmann, I’d say he’s pretty close to being an ideal candidate, and honestly, more of a pure Conservative than our hero Ronald Reagan.

The VP Pick

Bachmann has been noted as a possible VP if/when Perry was nominated. However, she is fairly far right, and she could never deliver Minnesota to us anyway, so despite her principled Conservatism, I see no upside to her as the choice. Paul Ryan wouldn’t be bad if he could give us Wisconsin, and he would make a great President if Perry were to pass. Marco Rubio of course would be amazing, he would deliver us Florida and help us with hispanics. But in my opinion, the best choice politically would be the amazing new governor of New Mexico, Susanna Martinez. She would deliver us a blue state, help us with hispanics, and provide women with someone to support out of their own sex. Bob McDonnell would be a great choice as well. Any of the above and many more would make an excellent choice to round out a great Conservative ticket.

Rick Perry 2012!!! Let’s make Washington as inconsequential as possible!