Time for Perry

In the run up to the 2012 nomination, real Conservatives in our party must choose who we will confer our support to. Many Conservatives look at the so called “wide open” field, and see a space that needs to be filled. They look at the candidates and nothing excites them. They see the front-runner as a RINO north-eastern republican, who wasn’t, isn’t and will never be a Conservative. They see the supposed “Conservative” candidates as either a.) not Conservative or b.) lacking seriously in bona fides and excitement factor. Conservatives such as myself seem to be looking for someone who has a proven, Conservative record in governing, and bringing jobs, liberty and security to their state, all while reigning in the expansion of governmental power and balancing the budget. The other key factor is an ability to strongly communicate our Conservative principles to the people of the United States in an innovative and politically exciting way. In short, Conservatives are looking for either Sarah Palin or “archconservative” (CNN) Rick Perry to get in the race.

These two large-state governors have proven records of standing up to the establishment, taking on the expansion of government, defending faith, family and flag, and bringing jobs and economic growth to their respective states. Both have their problems as well. As Sarah Palin’s record shows itself to the American people, many will be amazed at her forsight on budgetary matters, but many Conservatives will be less thrilled by her somewhat Liberal taxation policies, as well as appointing a Planned Parenthood official to the supreme court in AK. Furthermore, as teh media continues to advance their bogus view of her as uneducated and not serious, the American people unfortunately are beginning to buy into it. This, not her intellegince (as the establishment thinks), is why she will have a hard time getting elected President in 2012. Rick Perry has also done some things that may make some Conservatives uneasy, such as mandating HPV vaccines, and the Trans-Texas corridor, but compared to inventing ObamaCare for Romney, supporting Cap and Trade for Pawlenty, supporting the mandate for Newt, Medicare part D for Santorum, etc., his dalliances with the left are small and inconsistent.

Sarah Palin being, unfortunately for America, destroyed by the media, leaves us one true Conservative candidate, Rick Perry. Under Perry, Texas has passed widespread tort reform, cut taxes, balanced its budget without raising taxes or tapping into the “rainy-day fund”, protected against Illegal Immigrants, and become the strongest and among the freest economies in America. He has added 37% more jobs to his state, many of which are leaving the oppresive California for Texas, because of his common-sense Conservative ideals which have given power back to the people of his state. Rick Perry would also be a valuable addition to the discussions on Illegal Immigration, which he has been incredibly strong on, and Social Security, which he has suggested that the federal government should allow states to opt out of. Rick Perry, if he jumps in, would be the pro-freedom, pro-jobs, pro-security, pro-America, states rights candidate that America needs, and that Conservatives need.

Rick Perry has ignited a wildfire among Conservatives, proving his capability to dominate the debate and take our party rightward. In the words of the great El Rushbo “There’s no way you’re gonna hear Rick Perry supporting amnesty in any way, shape, manner, or form. He’s solid on that, plus pro-life. Rick Perry stands in opposition to inside the Beltway Washington elites, I don’t care what party they are.” We need Rick Perry. America needs Rick Perry.

The rallying cry for Tea Partiers ought to be: Perry/Bachmann 2012! Run, Rick, Run!

Your friend and fellow Conservative in the fight

                                                 –Toby Calvert-Lee